Chapter Presidents

Chapter PresidentsAs Chapter President, you hold the top position in your Chapter. With that also comes a lot of responsibilities.

According to the Phi Sigma Pi National Constitution (Article XI, Section 5), Presidents have ten roles. Let’s talk about three of them. However, feel free to learn about the others in the Presidents Handbook on the Phi Sigma Pi website in the Resource Center (that is where you can find other resources for your position and other positions within your Chapter).

Serve as the Chairperson of the Executive Board

In order to do this successfully, the Chapter President should possess a commanding knowledge of the following documents found in this blog post. Knowing the ins and outs of those documents will also help you preside at all meetings of the Chapter, which is another role your position consists of.

Chapter President

The Chapter President should run all Chapter and Executive Board Meetings.

Be recognized as the official representative of the Chapter

It is important for the Chapter President to serve as a liaison between the Chapter and the following:

  • College/University– The President is responsible for ensuring that the Chapter maintains active status as a student organization on the college/university and that the Chapter is in compliance with all regulations.
  • Faculty/Alumni Advisor– The President is responsible for consistent and professional communication with Chapter Advisor(s). The frequency of communication should be agreed upon by the Chapter President and Advisor.
  • National Headquarters– The Chapter President serves as the liaison between the National Staff and the Chapter. This communication is maintained primarily through the Chapter Consultant.

Be responsible for informing the Chapter about the National activities of Phi Sigma Pi

  • The National Headquarters sends four Chapter mailings an academic year and several publications. It is the responsibility of the President to ensure that all of the information in these documents is shared with the Chapter. Also, to keep the Chapter up to date on events like Leadership in Action, National Convention and Regional Conferences.
  • The Chapter President is expected to respond to all communications from the National Office in a timely manner. Further, the Chapter President is responsible for maintaining consistent communication with their Chapters Chapter Consultant.
  • It is the responsibility of the Chapter President to aid the Chapter Consultant in planning Chapter visits.

Read more about the role of the Chapter President in the President Handbook.


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