How we are celebrating 100 years!

PSP Centennial LogoThe Phi Sigma Pi Centennial year has officially started! It will run until the 2016 National Convention from July 27th-31st in Kansas City, Missouri (that’s about an hour away from Warrensburg, MO). The National Office has put together the ultimate celebration guide for your Chapter.

You can find it two ways throughout the year:

The Hashtag

#psp100… save it, use it, live it.

Here is the CliffsNotes version of how we want you to celebrate:

Founders Day Celebration

On February 14, 2016, Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity will officially turn 100! We want you to celebrate by hosting a Founders Day Celebration. Collegiate Members: invite Alumni and Family to a luncheon, ask your attendees to donate money or bring an item for a charity of your choice and eat cake, lots of cake. Alumni Members: Attend a Collegiate Chapter celebration or get together with other Alumni Members and plan a lunch. Turning 100 is a big deal, let’s celebrate!

Another option for Members is to attend the National Office Founders Day Celebration at Millersville University of Pennsylvania, home of the Sigma Chapter. Final details to follow!

Break Out Your Letters on the 14thBreak Out Your Letters on the 14th

Every month on the 14th until July 14, 2016, we are asking Phi Sigma Pi Members to break out your letters. Rock the ΦΣΠ and tell someone new about Phi Sigma Pi and what the Fraternity means to you! Alumni Members: If letters don’t quite fit your works attire guidelines rock your membership pin. This is just one way Members across the United States can be connected!

Say Say “Thank You!”

It’s simple to say and write, “Thank You!” and from January 1-31, 2016 we want you to do just that! There are so many people in our lives that we can thank: family members, teachers, friends, police officers, etc. and writing out a simple thank you card takes five minutes. So let’s make someone’s day and in the month of January (National “Thank You” Month) write as many thank you cards as we can. Chapters make a competition out of it and hand out a prize to the Member that writes and delivers the most (sincere and authentic) thank yous.

Countdown to 100!

We all love Phi Sigma Pi, so let’s show our spirit for the wonderful Fraternity about to turn the big 1-0-0! As part of the Centennial celebration we ask each Member participate in a Phi Sigma Pi style spirit week. Each day, Monday through Friday has a theme:

Phi Sigma Pi Spirit Week

Centennial ChallengeCentennial Challenge

Nothing beats a good challenge, especially if you are raising money for the future of Phi Sigma Pi!

Funds raised in excess of these expenses will help pay for events at the Centennial Convention in 2016. The Centennial Campaign will allow funding of materials and projects that are beyond the scope of the The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation.

So where does the challenge part come in?

Grand prizes will be awarded to the Chapters/Alumni Organizations that:

  • Raise the most money in the fall
  • Raise the most money in the spring
  • Raise the most money overall

Other awards will be given to:

  • The Chapter/Alumni Organization with the highest donation per Member ratio
  • Chapters/Alumni Organizations that donate over $2,016
  • First Chapter/Alumni Organization to donate $500 (CFAC has claimed this win!)
  • First Chapter/Alumni Organization to donate $1,000
  • First Chapter/Alumni Organization to donate $2,016

Member LinkMember Link

Did you know that there are over 34,700 Phi Sigma Pi Alumni?! We are on a mission to ensure that all Alumni Members are connected to the Fraternity for our 100 years of Brotherhood, Centennial celebration! Enter…Member Link. Member Link is an initiative to find Alumni Members who the Fraternity needs to reconnect with and add to our Brotherhood chain. Our goal is to link up with 2,016 Members by Founders Day and 4,000 Members by the 2016 National Convention! Help us link up our lost Alumni here.

Use the Phi Sigma Pi Planning Guide for planning ideas and information.

Leadership in ActionPlanning all of these events takes teamwork from everyone in the Chapter. Host the Leadership in Action Module First-Time Officer- Rally The Troops to keep your Chapter motivated. Request the Module.

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