3 Tips Before You Recruit

3 Tips Before You Recruit

1. Use the National recruitment theme

Did you know that the National Office gives out free recruitment posters, stickers and postcards? Why not just make that your theme? The National recruitment theme was designed by a Phi Sigma Pi Member, for Phi Sigma Pi Members. You can even get t-shirts made by using the graphic from the National Staff. Talk about easy! Spend your time worrying about the Potential New Members you are trying to bring into the Chapter because we all know they are more important than a t-shirt.

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2. Recruit first semester/quarter freshman

That’s right, first semester/quarter freshman might not be able to join but you can still get to know them!

  • Help on move-in day and talk to the freshman about Phi Sigma Pi.
  • On the first day of classes, set up a table and hand out free bottles of water. Offer to walk with students to their classes so they know where they are going. Oh, and remember to mention how awesome Phi Sigma Pi is.
  • Participate in the student activities fair. Design a sign-up sheet with spaces for the Potential New Members name, year in school, phone number and email. Compile a list and personally email the people you met. Thank them for stopping by, give them information about your Chapter and invite them to your next event.

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3. Plan ahead of time

  • Give students enough time to plan to attend informational sessions and recruitment events. If you are having trouble finalizing the room location, advertise to meet in a central spot on campus or building lobby.
  • Plan and practice informational sessions beforehand. This can help work out any kinks and will make you more confident when you present.

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