Battle it out! The Centennial Chapter Challenge happening NOW!

We all get a little competitive, so lets put that energy to good use! Here is your chance to show your Phi Sigma Pi pride all year long AND raise money for the future of our organization. Not to mention, there’s some pretty sweet prizes for the winners…

Centennial ChallengeWhat Is it?
The Centennial Chapter Challenge is a year long competition between Phi Sigma Pi Collegiate Chapters and Alumni Organizations to test your fundraising skills. You’ll be going up against other Members in this friendly competition to show your Phi Sigma Pi pride and raise money for the Centennial Celebration next August. By carrying out successful fundraising events, your Chapter or Organization can claim one of 3 grand prizes or 4 top awards left and make a difference in your Brotherhood!

Get Started
Start planning your fundraising activities now to kick start the competition. By starting things off right away, you’ll have more time to collect before November 30th. Think outside of the box and access anyone who understands how important our community is to its Members. All funds raised will be used to create a professional quality National Archives display and help pay for events at the Centennial Celebration in 2016.

Grand Prizes
Show the Phi Sigma Pi community just how awesome your Chapter or Organization is and win big! Grand prizes will be awarded to the Collegiate Chapters/Alumni Organizations that:

  1. Raise the most money in the fall,
  2. Raise the most in the spring, and
  3. Raise the most overall.

Think your Chapter or Alumni Org has what it takes? Show us what you got!

The Early Bird Gets the Prize!
Southern Appalachian Alumni Chapter has already taken the competition by storm by being the first Chapter to donate $500. Congratulations to the Southern Appalachian Alumni Chapter (SAAC)! Still up for grabs are 4 more categories:

  1. Chapter/Alumni Organization with the highest donation per Member ratio,
  2. Chapters/Alumni Organization that donate over $2,016,
  3. First Chapter/Alumni Organization to donate $1,000, and
  4. First Chapter/Alumni Organization to donate $2,016.

Think YOUR Chapter or Alumni Organization can do it just like SACC? Take on the Centennial Challenge and find out!


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