Meet the 2015-2016 Regional Conference Advisors!

The Centennial will be here before you know it and so will a conference near you! Regional Conference Advisors, previously known as Regional Volunteers, have been selected to advise Regional Delegates throughout conference planning.

Shout out to our 2015-2016 Regional Conference Advisors for helping this year’s conferences be the best yet!

RCA 2015

Bluegrass: Jillian Quirante (Epsilon Xi Chapter ‘10 and SAAC)
Buckeye: (currently vacant)
Capital: Jeanette Gaida (Epsilon Sigma Chapter ‘11 and Capital Alumni Chapter)
Capital: Sarah Viviani (Gamma Pi Chapter ‘14 and NYMAAC)
Central PA: Janine Mohlhenrich (Gamma Pi Chapter ‘15 and BMAAC)
Dominion: Fiona Hawkins (Alpha Chapter ‘15)
East: Kelsey Maxwell (Alpha Theta Chapter ‘15)
Eastern Midwest: David Serafini (Beta Phi Chapter ‘10 and WKAA)
Great Lakes: Carla Lopez (Alpha Phi Chapter ‘15)
Great Plains: Jeremy Robinson (Zeta Pi Chapter ‘14)
Lonestar: Nicole Alabi (Epsilon Mu Chapter ‘10)
Mid-Atlantic: Chris Crout (Tau Chapter ‘11 and ENCAC)
Mid-South: Kat DeLay (Delta Beta Chapter ‘13)
Northeast: Joanne Lamb (Epsilon Xi Chapter ‘11 and SAAC)
Northern Pacific Coast: Martin Kwok (Zeta Alpha Chapter ‘13)
Northern Pacific Coast: Kelsey Flynn (Delta Mu Chapter ‘12 and GBAA)
Philly Metro: Brian Christiansen (Alpha Eta Chapter ‘13)
South: Lorene McCoy (Alpha Eta Chapter ‘15)
South: Alexis Killough (Delta Beta Chapter ‘15)
Southeast: Suzannah Fischer (Epsilon Delta Chapter ‘13)
Southern Pacific Coast: Alexis Dennis (Zeta Eta Chapter ‘15)
Upper Midwest: Jessica Way (Alpha Chapter ‘15)
West: Rylee Mielecki (Epsilon Psi Chapter ‘12)
Western PA: Kayla Moss (Upsilon Chapter ‘15)
Western PA: Lauren Lippert (Upsilon Chapter ‘11)


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  1. Way to represent SouthBeast, Suzannah! 🙂

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