Chapter Secretaries

Chapter SecretariesEach Chapter can have one Chapter Secretary or two Chapter Secretaries. If a Chapter decides to have two, the job and responsibilities can be split in two ways:

Corresponding Secretary– responsible for collecting and filing all forms with the National Headquarters and the institution.

Recording Secretary– responsible for all forms within the Chapter. These forms include: Chapter Meeting Minutes, Executive Board Meeting Minutes, Undergraduate Member Contact Information and Alumni Member Contact Information.

Together, according to the Phi Sigma Pi National Constitution (Article XI, Section 7), states 11 duties for the Chapter Secretary role. You can read about all of the roles in depth in the Secretary Handbook. However, we’ll discuss some of them below.

Beta Xi Chapter

It is the Chapter Secretary’s job to take attendance at events, like this Chapter cleanup the Beta Xi Chapter (Miami University) participated in.

Keep a record of all proceedings of the Chapter and Executive Board Meetings of the Chapter and enter such minutes in a permanent record.

Chapter and Executive Board Meetings should be broken down into the following sections:

  • Attendance
  • Officer/Chair Reports
  • Old Business Motions
  • New Business Motions
  • Any Other Relevant Information

Remember to list which Members make a motion and second the motion. Once the meeting is over, the meeting minutes should be stored electronically and sent to the Brotherhood. Here is a sample of business meeting minutes.

Be responsible for all correspondence pertaining to the Chapter and correspondence distribution to those designated.

This type of correspondence comes from the institution or the Phi Sigma Pi National Office. It can come in a form of a letter or email. This should be shared with the entire Brotherhood.

Be responsible for compiling and submitting all required membership lists and other required affiliation documentation of the appropriate divisions of the sheltering institution to ensure continued affiliation.

The Chapter President is responsible for ensuring that the Chapter maintains active status as a student organization with the institution and that the Chapter is in compliance with all institution regulations. The institution shall determine what steps are necessary for the Chapter to maintain this active status. It is the responsibility of the Chapter President to obtain the requirements and ensure the Chapter complies with them. It is the responsibility of the Chapter Secretary to assist the Chapter President in these matters and ensure that all of the appropriate forms are filed in a timely manner.

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