It’s National Hazing Prevention Week 2015

National Hazing Prevention Week is September 21-25 and is an opportunity for Chapters to raise awareness in our communities and continue conversations on how to prevent hazing.

NHPWHelp raise awareness on this important issue on your campus and within your Chapter by recognizing National Hazing Prevention Week. Here are a few ideas on how to recognize this week.

Sign the pledge to

  • Recognize the harm that hazing can cause both physically and psychologically;
  • Condemn the act of hazing on all levels;
  • Admonish those who haze and those who enable hazing through their silence, and;
  • Be an advocate for the prevention of hazing

Copy of Copy of Chat (1)Lead your Chapter in a conversation to discuss your current practices and establish goals to strengthen relations with your Initiates. Invite your Chapter and Alumni Advisor(s) to the conversation and revisit goals and accomplishments at the end of the term.

Utilize campus resources. Are campus wide events taking place this week? Perhaps there is a Student Affairs faculty member who can present best practices to your Chapter? Utilize campus resources you have to educate your Members and make an impact on your campus.

Attend the Twitter Chat, tomorrow at 9pm EST. The Vice President of Membership Development Chris McCoy will be asking questions to get us thinking about how we can always improve our process and how we can stay vigilant in our commitment to providing every Member with a safe and accepting environment.

What is your Chapter doing this week to recognize this important issue? Tweet us at @phisigmapi to share your plans for the week and discover new ideas at

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