NHPW Chapter Spotlight: Gamma Tau Chapter’s Initiate Mid-Review

National Hazing Prevention Week is September 21-25 and is an opportunity for Chapters to raise awareness in our communities and continue conversations on how to prevent hazing.

The Gamma Tau Chapter at Tulane University

The Gamma Tau Chapter at Tulane University

Today, we’re talking to Allison Saft, President of the Gamma Tau Chapter at Tulane University, about their Initiate Mid-Review process and how a having a mid-review process creates a safe environment for their Initiates.

How long has your current mid-review process been in place? What does it entail?
Our current mid-review process has been in place as long as our current class of seniors can remember! The process is relatively informal: our Initiate Advisors schedule a time to sit down with each individual Initiate to discuss any questions, concerns or comments they may have regarding their experience as an Initiate in our Chapter. Additionally, we remind them of upcoming events and emphasize that our Brother at Large is always available should anything come up that they would like to talk about.

Why do you feel this process is important for your Chapter?
The mid-review process is important for our Chapter because it keeps even our newest Members well-informed of upcoming events, requirements and the core values that underpin Phi Sigma Pi. This unity and clarity keeps a strong sense of Brotherhood in Gamma Tau during every step of membership in Phi Sigma Pi. Additionally, it allows us to continually improve our Initiation program semester after semester as we integrate feedback from each Initiate.

How do you feel this process benefits Initiates?
This process benefits Initiates because it clarifies any questions or concerns about the Fraternity or our Initiate program, which allows them to become knowledgeable Members. Most importantly, it lets them know that their opinions can be expressed freely. It clearly communicates that all Members of the Gamma Tau Chapter, not just the Initiate Advisors, are here to support them on their journey to become full-fledged Members.

How does your Initiate Mid-Review process relate to hazing prevention?
Our Initiate Mid-Review process relates to hazing prevention because it offers us a platform to personally provide all the resources we can to make Initiates feel safe, welcome and cared for. We stress that we are here to make the process enjoyable for them—and to ensure that they are treated equitably and with respect. Encouraging each Initiate individually to share their feelings in confidence emphasizes that we do not tolerate hazing in any form, and that any concerns they have, big or small, will be taken seriously.

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