NHPW Chapter Spotlight: Gamma Omicron Chapter’s Alcohol Safety Talk

National Hazing Prevention Week is September 21-25 and is an opportunity for Chapters to raise awareness in our communities and continue conversations on how to prevent hazing.

The Gamma Omicron Chapter at Auburn University

The Gamma Omicron Chapter at Auburn University

Today, we’re talking to Ivy Franklin, President of the Gamma Omicron Chapter at Auburn University, about their Alcohol Safety Event and how having an awareness and set approach toward the presence of alcohol creates a safe environment for their Initiates.

How many times have you held this event?
We have held this event once, but it is something we plan to continue. We are already looking to book a speaker this semester.

Why do you feel this event is important for your Chapter?
This event is important to our Chapter because it reminds our Members how serious the consequences of irresponsible drinking can be. As college students, we sometimes have the, “that would never happen to me” mindset even though we are some of the most vulnerable. It is important to remind our Members to be cautious and stay safe.

Are initiates in attendance?
Initiates were not at last year’s Alcohol Safety event, but we have considered make the event larger this year.

How do you feel that alcohol safety relates to hazing prevention?
Alcohol safety is a large part of hazing prevention. Anything that puts Initiates or Members in a state of lowered inhibitions or vulnerability is a red flag. We do not allow Initiates at events where alcohol is involved, Initiates are not allowed to have any alcohol at their events, Members are not allowed to drink socially with Initiates, and we tell our Members if they happen to see any initiates out at a bar (or vice versa) they should walk away. We have very strict rules about interactions between our Members and our Initiates that include prohibiting Members driving Initiates, topics of conversation that are to be avoided and events that can’t include Initiates (scavenger hunts, etc). We do our best to make sure Initiates know they are going to be welcomed into a lifelong Brotherhood with open arms.


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