3 Tips for YOU about Hazing Prevention

3 Tips Kimberly Novak has for YOU about hazing preventionKimberly Novak is the the CEO of NovakTalks, an organization that helps universities and organizations with campus safety, student risk management and student organization development. Kim is the National expert in what she does, so much so that she gets invited to speak at National conferences, college campuses and has a weekend long learning session about preventing hazing named after her (Novak Institute for Hazing Prevention, a hazingprevention.org program).

We asked Kim Novak to give us 3 tips about hazing prevention.

  1. Approach hazing as an issue not a single incident or behavior.
  2. Talk about hazing and why it has no place in your organization/Chapter. Sharing the rules is not enough, we need to talk about the consequences of hazing, why it is NOT part of the organization and how each Member can prevent it.
  3. Hazing is a complex issue. To prevent it we need to design multi-faceted efforts… continues on-going efforts.

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