The National Development Committee (NDC) and You!

National President Matt Nicoletta serves as the chairperson and administrator of the National Development Committee.

National President Matt Nicoletta serves as the chairperson and administrator of the National Development Committee.

Did you know that there is a committee dedicated to further the National development of Phi Sigma Pi? The National Development Committee (NDC) was created to do just that. The Committee works on:

  • improving communications and technology use
  • defining Chapter strength and stability initiatives
  • developing Alumni programs
  • strengthening membership development and Initiation programs
  • historical research
  • and other projects outlined in the Strategic Plan

The Committee is designed to bring together diverse opinions, experiences and skills. When a particular project is presented, those with the talents and interest aligned with the project participate. 

Why you should be a Member:
If you are thinking of running for National Council one day, getting some experience on the NDC is a great step toward achieving that goal. If you are a Collegiate or Alumni Member looking for ways to be more involved Nationally, this is also a great opportunity. Not only do you get to assist the National Council in research and policy development, you will develop leadership skills and increase your knowledge of the National organization.

We spoke to National President Matt Nicoletta (Beta Kappa Chapter ’03) about why serving on the National Development Committee is so beneficial: “The National Development Committee is there to both advance National Council initiatives and work on big ideas that you as an individual may have. The Committee will work with you to create a proposal to bring to National Council. It’s a very collaborative process that aims to keep Phi Sigma Pi always moving forward and to challenge ourselves with what we can accomplish as a team.”

How do I apply?
Committee Members shall include Members in good standing who are appointed to the Committee by the National President. You will also first need to fill out the application.


Bonus Facts:

  • The National Development Committee is one of only four Constitutionally-sanctioned Standing Committees of the National Council. Additional National Committees include the Awards, Scholarship & Emblem Committee and the Constitution & Chapter Standards Committee.
  • The Committee was approved by the 2007 Grand Chapter.
  • Membership is for one year, however there is no limit to the amount of terms a Member may serve on the Committee.

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