The Information Meeting: Plan, Go Time and After

Information Session

You got the potential new members to the Information Meeting, that’s half the battle! Now is the time to work your charm and keep them around. Here are some ways to make sure your Information Meeting runs smoothly:

Epsilon Delta Chapter

Remember to advertise your Information Sessions like the Epsilon Delta Chapter at the University of South Florida.

Plan for Success

  • Set up tangible Phi Sigma Pi materials around the Information Meeting room. If you have big letters, t-shirts, pictures, set up anything and everything that represents your Chapter.
  • Place chairs in a circle. You want people to interact with one another, this is a great start.
  • Make sure a diverse representation of your Chapter is at the meeting. You want the talkative Members. Make sure there is a dress code and that Members wear the same thing or letters.
  • Buy cookies, snacks and refreshments. Everyone loves food!

It’s Go Time

  • Have a Member stationed at the door to greet everyone that walks in. Remember this is the potential new members first time meeting Members of your Chapter, make it a good impression.
  • Have another Member at a sign in sheet inside the room (get the potential new members name, email address, phone number).
  • As potential new members start filing in, greet them, talk to them, and learn an interesting fact about them. Does that fact sound familiar? I’m sure the Potential New Member has an interest with someone else in the Fraternity, introduce the two and then go on and talk to someone else that is coming in the door.

Shh… It’s Information Time

  • During your main presentation, provide potential new members with basic facts about Phi Sigma Pi, including the Fraternity’s ideals (Tripod) and the benefits they receive as a Member.
  • Highlight the fact that Phi Sigma Pi is a National Honor Fraternity.
  • Give each potential new member a calendar of recruitment week events.
  • Keep it short. People join organizations for the social aspect and to make new friends. Make sure this is a key part of the night.
  • Thank the potential new members for coming and tell them “I’ll see you soon.”

After the Information Meeting

  • Keep the potential new members mind on Phi Sigma Pi. Take the email addresses you gathered at the door and send out a personal email (yes, individually) that thanks them for coming to the meeting, the recruitment dates again and a reminder about why they should join Phi Sigma Pi.

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