5 Ways to Fundraise for the Centennial Challenge

5 Tips to Fundraise for the Centennial Challenge

The Centennial Chapter Challenge is underway! Will you raise the most money in the fall or be the first to reach $1916? If you haven’t done your reading yet, you can check out page 42 to 46 of the Centennial Planning Guide to get the low down on the Challenge goals and fundraising for the Foundation. In the meantime, in order to make the biggest splash during this monumental year it’s time to fundraise outside the box. Just think, creating excitement on campus could support recruitment efforts too! Now let’s get creative and put a PSP spin on these five fundraising ideas!

Fundraising Ideas that are spooktacular!

Fundraising Ideas that are spooktacular!

1. Fall Festivities

Fall is here! That means scarecrows and jack-o-lanterns galore! Why not get a little competitive on campus? Host a scarecrow building or pumpkin carving contest to see who has the most fall spirit. Be original with supplies and a prize for the winner(s). Maybe these scarecrows only wear pajamas or beach wear…  

2. Pair up with a local business to sponsor a night!

Does your school have a popular eatery near by? Restaurants like Chipotle, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and more are nationally pro-fundraising. Just make sure to reach out to management first because each chain is owned privately. If your Chapter or Alumni Group isn’t all about the chow, that’s okay! Try anything from bowling to mini-golf to go-karting! The more creative your fundraiser is, the more successful you’ll be!

3. Run for your life!

Halloween is fast approaching. That means zombies, ghosts and probably a few werewolves… Well break out the costumes and fake blood to host a PSP Demon Dash! Similar to a Zombie 5K, runners start with a flag football belt and have to avoid the brain eating demons (AKA Phi Sigma Pi members)! Be creative and incorporate Phi Sigma Pi everywhere you can during this terrifying race. For safety purposes have all plans approved by school officials and fill out the Event Planning Form.

4. Exam week snack stand!

You know exam week has struck campus when students have caffeine pumping through their veins and no time to grab a solid breakfast. In between exam times, supply a stock of tasty treats for your peers to munch on before they move on to their next test. Donuts and coffee can be a lifesaver for those in need of a little boost. Maybe throw in an apple for good mouth hygiene.

5. Your best asset: ALUMNI!

Don’t be afraid to ask because they love Phi Sigma Pi too! At your next Chapter meeting, Members can address hand written notes or thank yous to Alumni asking for their support this year. Explain your own Centennial goals or how successful your latest Chapter event was. Alumni are your best resource because they want their Chapter to succeed as well. Find your Alumni Roster under the Chapter Admin Portal tab when you sign in on the website. Kudos if you include a picture for the fridge!

Tweet a picture or video of your successful fundraiser and use the hashtags #pspchallenge and #psp100 to spread ideas and inspire other Chapters! The competition is on so go get started today!

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to advertise! A Fundraiser is only successful if everyone and their mother knows about it!

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