Chapter Historians

Historians have pretty awesome roles in each Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi, especially this year as Phi Sigma Pi celebrates its Centennial! I mean, let’s be honest, Historians hold the history of each one of our Chapters. That’s cool!

According to the Phi Sigma Pi National Constitution (Article XI, Section 10), Historians have four roles. However, these are just the minimum standards. Let’s chit chat about some of them below:

Keep, collect and preserve all accurate history of the Chapter.

Beta Nu Chapter Alumni Event

The Beta Nu Chapter at Cornell University took old pictures and recreated them for a fun event for Alumni. Read more about the event here.

You can do this several ways:

  • Take pictures at events (with a camera, not a cell phone)
  • Write little descriptions about what happened at the events
  • Create a Chapter scrapbook
  • Collect t-shirts, pins or something that will remind you of the events

Have fun with the history, plan an event (with the Alumni Chair and Scholarship Chair) where you invite Alumni of your Chapter back and look at old scrapbooks.

Be responsible for placing news items concerning the Chapter in local and collegiate publications.

Get recognition for all of the hard work your Chapter does every term. The National Office made this extremely easy to do. Just download this draft, add your information and send it off. Once you are featured, print out the article or collect the publication and add it to your Chapters history box. Oh, and let the National Office know about it so we can share it with the world too!

Provide the National Office with historical items of the Chapter at the close of the academic year at the Chapter’s discretion.

Chapter Archive Room

Keep your Chapter’s history at the Phi Sigma Pi National Headquarters.

That’s right! The National Headquarters has a spot just for your Chapter! Email, let us know your history is on its way and then ship it to:

Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity
2119 Ambassador Circle
Lancaster, PA 17603

This is a great way to keep track of all of your history. Your Historians change year to year and things could get lost, but not if you ship it to the National Headquarters. We’ll keep it forever!

Read more about the role of the Chapter Historian in the Historian Handbook.

Leadership in ActionAs Historian, it is your job to keep the history of your Chapter organized. The Leadership in Action Module Juggling Multiple Priorities- Cut The Clutter will teach you how to cut clutter and get organized. Request it at


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