5 Ways to Honor Our Veterans on this Veterans Day

Every November 11th (today!) some businesses close for the observation and celebration of Veterans Day. However, how many of us really commemorate this Federal holiday? Instead of spending the day catching up on Netflix and scrolling through your Facebook feed, here are five easy and practical ways to honor our nation’s veterans on this Veterans Day.

  1. Learn. It’s important to understand what and why you are celebrating, so do some research! Surf the web, read a book, watch a movie or even better, talk to a veteran! Sincerely try to understand why it is we celebrate Veterans Day and the history behind it- it’s more than just a day off from school! Think you know all about Veterans Day? Test your knowledge!
  2. American Flag wreath made out of bandanas from the dollar store.

    American Flag wreath made out of bandanas from the dollar store.

    Fly it High and Proud. The American Flag is flown on Veterans Day to show respect for American Veterans and as a symbol of their service to our country. Check out these American Flag crafts to decorate your room/desk or try making this American Flag wreath pictured on the right. Make it a fellowship event!

  3. Participate. Find out what your campus and community are doing to celebrate, such as a ceremonial flag raising or veteran guest speaker, and join in! If you can’t find an event to join, make it a priority to start one next year with your Chapter.
  4. Say “Thank You.” We can never say “Thank You” enough to those who have risked their lives for our freedom. Write thank you cards, call up a veteran in your life or simply Veterans TYpost a “Thank You” on social media.
  5. Support Veteran-Owned Businesses. The National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) estimates that there are three million businesses who are owned and operated by US veterans. Show support today for veterans and their families by choosing to buy veteran-owned. Here is a list of veteran-owned businesses you can support today.

Are you a veteran? Do you know a Brother who is a veteran? Tell us about them here. We want to honor our Brothers with military service!


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