Leadership in Action: How is your Chapters’ trust level?

Leadership in Action

Leadership in Action is a certification program for Members of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. Members participate in sessions called Modules to learn new skills they can use right away in their Chapters and in everyday life!

A brand new Leadership in Action Module has just been released. This one is all about trust. Trust in your organization, in your Chapter and in each other. It’s called: Building Trust- The Seeds To Success.

The best part about the Module is when you get to assess your Chapter’s trust levels. Open up the floor, start the conversation and watch your Chapter grow stronger.

What else you will learn:

  • How risk and trust go hand in hand
  • Apply the 10-10-10 rule when making decisions
  • Benefits of working in a trustworthy environment

Request the Building Trust- The Seeds To Success Leadership in Action Module.

Hey Alumni, this Module is also for you! It talks about trust in the workplace!

The Building Trust- The Seeds To Success Module is the 4th Module released this year. Check out the other three:

Module List  Request a Module


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