Thanksgiving Cooking Safety Tips

In case you haven’t heard, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

Believe us, we’re just as excited as you are! It’s a day full of spending time with family, watching football and most importantly, enjoying all of the delicious food. Preparing a Thanksgiving meal can be a lot of work but it can also be a great time of fellowship with family and friends. Phi Sigma Pi wants to make sure that you have a safe Thanksgiving so here are a few tips to ensure a smooth cooking experience.

Be prepared. Before you even start cooking, make sure you have the tools necessary to take care of a problem if it were to arise. For example, make sure you have a first aid kit ready to nurse any cuts or burns and also make sure there is a fire extinguisher accessible (check that it is properly working).

Wear the proper attire. When cooking around open flames, don’t wear long sleeves or loose clothing. Tie your hair back and take off any dangling jewelry. Also, be conscious of hot plates and use oven mitts when removing anything from the oven.

The Team FoundationThere is No I in Team

Cooking as a team not working out so well? Learn to be a team player by requesting this Module!

Have a plan. If you’re cooking as a team, know who is doing what. Plan duties and shifts. You don’t want someone who isn’t comfortable with a knife cutting up the vegetables so make sure to communicate strengths and weaknesses. If you’re flying solo, don’t rush! Start early so your can take your time and avoid rushed mistakes.

Stay alert. Always pay attention when you’re cooking! It’s okay to watch bits and pieces of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while the sweet potatoes cook, but you don’t want anything to burn and catch on fire. If you need a break from the kitchen, ask someone to keep an eye on the food while you rest.

Cook healthy. Before you touch any food, make sure to wash your hands! If you aren’t feeling well, stay out of the kitchen. You don’t want to get anyone sick! Also, make sure that no one in the group has any allergies. If they do, make sure to separate the appropriate foods to avoid cross contamination or alter your recipes.

Ask for help. Finally, if you feel way over your head or something is not going well, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Call a family member or consult Google. If it is anything turkey related, you can always call the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line which has answered over 100,000 questions over the past 30 years (trust us, your question won’t be the strangest they’ve heard).

Phi Sigma Pi is so thankful for all of you and we hope that you have a safe, food-filled Thanksgiving.


What will you be cooking tomorrow? Share your traditional Thanksgiving recipes in the comments below!

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