Recruitment: Quantity or Quality? Why Choose?

It’s an age-old question when it comes to recruiting new Members and selecting Initiates classes: do we focus on quantity or quality? Well, what if we told you that it’s possible to have both?


Speed Dating Recruitment Activity with the Alpha Omega Chapter at the University of Pittsburgh.

This year the National Council has challenged all our Chapters to grow our Fraternity’s new membership by 20%. There are amazing contributions by Active and Alumni Members all across the globe and we want to ensure Phi Sigma Pi continues to identify, cultivate and inspire the next generation of leaders for the next 100 years.  However, sometimes it can be challenging to identify the best of the best on campus when we are limiting our outreach.

The greatest challenge in recruiting quality Members is ensuring you have enough quantity. The more students on campus you are able to speak with, invite to recruitment events and engage in the process of learning about Phi Sigma Pi, the more options you’ll have to select from and the greater chance you’ll identify quality Members. It’s silly to think that at schools with anywhere from 1,000 to 20,000 undergraduates, you can’t find enough quality Members!  Look up, reach out and connect yourself to those around you that will positively influence your future!

How do we decide as a Chapter what a “quality” Members is?

  • Start by identifying traits or characteristics you would like to see represented in your Chapter, such as introverts, specific majors and extracurricular involvement. Once you identify your qualities, locate organizations or offices on campus where you can find these students.

Where do we find “quality” Members on campus?

  • High quality Members are driven by success and strong organizations. Recruiting students who are already in leadership positions, however big or small, shows that Phi Sigma Pi holds high standards.  Strong leaders with enthusiasm and passion inspire others to follow.

How do we encourage “quality” Members  to join our Chapter?

  • Many times Chapters will throw up a few posters, send an email, table for an hour and expect only the highest quality of students to come to events. Don’t just accept a lower recruitment because not as many students have come out. If you want quality Members, you need to identify them yourself! Talk to professors, engage students in authentic conversations, create a list of students to contact. Get off the sidelines and into the game and you’ll be amazed by your success!

Recruitment can be a rewarding, positive experience for both current and prospective Members. Recruitment isn’t about sacrificing quality for the sake of quantity; it’s about working hard to extend our reach, actively recruit new Members and ensure a lasting legacy on campus.  We challenge you to look for the quality in quantity and become a larger part of that legacy!

Tweet & EatHave a recruitment question? Join the Leadership in Action Tweet & Eat (hour long Twitter chat) on Monday, December 14th at 7:30 PM EST. Join Members across the Nation to talk about the most popular topic in our Fraternity. Participating gets you one Leadership in Action point. RSVP here.

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