The NEW Scholar’s Province!

Scholar's Province CoverIt’s almost 2016! It’s also the Fraternity’s Centennial year (Yay 100!) which means new publications for your Chapter. You’ve already received your new Ritual & Ceremonies books and now we have a new Fifteenth Edition of The Scholar’s Province with a new Curriculum Guide just for you! You’ll be able to order physical copies in the new year in our Marketplace, but we wanted you to have the digital version now. The password in the Fraternal word, all lowercase.

3 Things You Can Do Now

  1. Read it – The best way to teach Initiates what’s in the new The Scholar’s Province is to read it for yourself. You’ll see that it’s split into 5 weeks (the Chapter may implement the lessons within their given initiation period that meets both university and Phi Sigma Pi requirements). This will make it easier for the Initiates to comprehend the work they need to accomplish in order to become productive and knowledgeable Members.
  2. Teach it – Professors have Teacher Editions of the text books they teach. Think of the Curriculum Guide the same way. It will give you great ideas about recruitment, walk you through the weeks and give you guidance on what needs to be covered and how. It also includes all of the tests and quizzes (along with their answer keys) so you can print them out now or later. As stated in the Article IX, Section 5B, the Chapter is to “issue copies of, and educate the Initiate on content contained in, The Scholar’s Province…”
  3. Share it! – It’s best if the entire Chapter knows the new look and content of The Scholar’s Province. This will make sure they’re in touch with the Initiation Process. Do a quick overview at an upcoming Chapter meeting.

You can also visit the Initiate Advisor section of the Resource Center for these resources. Note: These document are password protected with the Fraternal word (all lowercase). If you have any questions about the new The Scholar’s Province feel free to contact your Chapter Consultant!

This message was previously sent to your Chapter’s Recruitment Advisor and Initiate Advisor.

Leadership in ActionGet more Recruitment Tips from Members across the Nation who participated in the December Leadership in Action Tweet & Eat (hour long Twitter Chat) by reading the tweets here. RSVP for the next Tweet & Eat.


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