Make Recruitment A Success! (5 Resources)

Orecruitmentpowerpointimagene of the best ways to ensure your Chapter’s legacy is to make sure it has strong Membership! It’s the Fraternity’s Centennial year and we want to welcome into the Brotherhood many New Members as we celebrate 100 years of Scholarship, Leadership and Fellowship. Use these 5 resources to ensure you have a strong Recruitment in the spring.

Top 5 Resources to make you a Recruitment Rockstar this spring

  1. Planning a Successful Recruitment Guide: This guide gives you a week by week breakdown of effective Recruitment planning, including when you should have room reservations finalized, how to involve your entire Chapter in the recruitment process and more. The password is the Fraternal word, all lowercase
  2. Get Student Contacts: Contact the entire eligible student body with an email with your Information Sessions! This resource gives you the tips on obtaining this critical list and proven recruitment tool. What do you do once you get it? Send it to us by filling out the form at and we’ll send out an email on your behalf at no cost. Think of all the potential new Members you’ll reach! The password is the Fraternal word, all lowercase.
  3. Information Session Presentation: This PowerPoint presentation is a perfect overview of our organization. It gives the potential new Members a real picture of the initiation process from the outset. We have notes on how and what to present at your Information Sessions while still giving you the freedom to add what makes your Chapter special. We also have prepared a “How To” on using the presentation and a sample handout. The password is the Fraternal word, all lowercase.
  4. Potentials to Approach: We call it the PTA list. It’s a list of students that your Chapter wants to reach out to when you hold recruitment events. This resource shows you how to start it, keep it active and use it during recruitment and beyond!
  5. The Scholar’s Province & Curriculum Guide: The Curriculum Guide has some great tips on pre-Pinning activities. The Scholar’s Province‘s new format will help you explain to potential new Members about the program! The password is the Fraternal word, all lowercase.

Review and implement the resources, take them to your Chapter and expand Phi Sigma Pi’s reach into your communities! We are excited to see all of the new faces that will join our Brotherhood in our Centennial Year. What a great year to join!

Leadership in ActionGet more Recruitment Tips from Members across the Nation who participated in the December Leadership in Action Tweet & Eat (hour long Twitter Chat) by reading the tweets here. RSVP for the next Tweet & Eat.


This message was e-mailed to your Chapter’s amazing President, wonderful Recruitment Advisor, inspiring Public Relations Chair and phenomenal Initiate Advisor. For additional information and resources, check out the Resource Center or ask your Chapter Consultant.


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