The Information Session Presentation

Posters are hung, e-mails are sent and you’ve personally invited everyone you know to your Chapter’s information sessions. Potential members are ready and eager to learn about Phi Sigma Pi and now it’s time to shine. No pressure! We’ve done the work for you and created an Information Session Presentation Template (the password is the Fraternal word, all lowercase)!



Using the Template

When you open the template, you’ll notice that the first slide is a “how to.” The big items to note are:

  1. Any text in red needs to be changed and personalized for your Chapter! Feel free to change the font to a different color when it is updated.
  2. In the notes section of each slide there are comments with details on how to best utilize and present that slide.
  3. Slide 18 provides suggestions on what to do after the presentation.  
  4. Make sure to delete slides 1 and 18 before presenting!

We have also provided you with a print out of how to use the presentation that outlines what to do/say at each slide as well as an example handout of what to give to your presentation attendees. Remember that these are simply templates. We value the uniqueness of each Chapter and encourage you to change styles if it would better reflect your Chapter’s personality!

Just a few extra tips on information session presentations:

  1. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. This way you will feel more comfortable and will make sure all of the information on the slides is correct.
  2. Do a test run in the room you have reserved to ensure that the powerpoint works and you have all of the technology you need. It is also good to see how the presentation will look on the projector. Adjust colors and font sizes as needed.
  3. Have back ups. Send one file to your e-mail, have another file on a thumbdrive and have a version printed out just in case.
  4. Speak slowly and leave room for questions.
  5. Smile, be your friendly self and have fun!

For more tips regarding information sessions, check out this blog post. You can also find more resources to help your Chapter knock recruitment out of the park in the Resource Center!

Tweet & Eat

Did you miss the Tweet & Eat on Recruitment? You can read the whole discussion on this Storify! While you’re at it, go ahead and register for the next Tweet & Eat on PSP after graduation!

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