Why Should I Fundraise?

Are you asking yourself “why is fundraising even important?” Well, we have an answer for you! Fundraising allows Phi Sigma Pi the opportunity to serve our members and continue to make an impact across the nation. How? Through funds such as Leadership in Action, Subrosa and the Centennial Fund.

This Fall, more than $600 has been donated to Leadership in Action! That brought our Members 42 Modules across the country with 716 participants. With the support of LiA lovers, Phi Sigma Pi plans to introduce 4 new and exciting modules in early 2016. That means more opportunities to become Certified!


Encompassing the true meaning of brotherhood, Phi Sigma Pi members have always been a support system for brothers in need through the Subrosa Fund. Fundraising provides a little extra help to a member facing financial hardship and exemplifies PSP’s “Brother for Life” outlook.

With a Centennial sized goal of $100,000 this year, Phi Sigma Pi wants to engage all members in our celebration! Turning 100 only happens once, and we plan to do it well. Fundraising for the Centennial Fund not only provides support for memorable events and National Convention, but spreads the word about how fantastic our organization truly is! Before you head back to school or work, start a discussion about Phi Sigma Pi’s Centennial and the incredible initiatives that we launch every year.
Don’t forget, while you’re bragging about becoming LiA certified or your Chapter’s goal of winning the Torchia, invite your family to join the PSP Parent’s Club, order Centennial Merchandise or make a donation to support your Chapter in the Chapter Challenge!


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