5 Fellowship Activities for Spirit Week

As part of our Countdown to 100 (found in the Centennial Planning Guide), every Chapter is encouraged to participate in Phi Sigma Pi Spirit Week from February 8th – 12th, 2016. It all kicks off with a fellowship activity on Monday, February 8th!

Mon Spirit Week

We will be united as we all fellowship together on the same day, however, we will show our diversity by participating in different ways! We recommend that you delegate the task of planning your Chapter’s fellowship activity to your Social Committee. Just in case you need a few ideas or some inspiration, here are five fellowship activities that you can plan to kick-off Spirit Week! (Also found in your Centennial Planning Guide)

Visit a building named after a Phi Sigma Pi Member or hold a Phi Sigma Pi history day. What better way to celebrate our Fraternity by bonding over it’s history! Get creative and go beyond what the Scholar’s Province tells you to learn something new. You can even use the Phi Sigma Pi Archive Library to look at past editions of The Lampadion/The Purple & Gold.

Celebrate with cake. We are celebrating a birthday after all, so let’s eat cake (or cookies, ice cream, etc)! Have a baking party, decorate with balloons and streamers and sing Happy Birthday to Phi Sigma Pi. Just make sure to be aware of any food allergies your Members may have!

Hold an Alumni picnic. Invite Alumnus/ae back home for a picnic! This is an easy and casual way to bond and create new memories. Have a backup plan in case of inclement weather!

Formals, Semi-Formals and Banquets are great ways to foster fellowship. Formals/Banquets are a great excuse to dress up, let loose on the dance floor and set up a photo booth with silly props to take goofy pictures that your Historian can document later! If your Chapter would prefer something more casual, pick a fun theme (like 90’s TV or Ugly Sweaters) and hold a Semi-Formal.

Meet Members from different Chapters. Coordinate with a Chapter in your Region or with Members that you’ve met at National Convention and organize a meetup. You could even meet halfway at a restaurant, bowling alley or park!

Whatever your Chapter plans, we know that it will be a great time of fun, laughter and making memories. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and post them on social media (make sure they’re ‘public’ so we can see them!) with the hashtag #psp100 and tag @phisigmapi so we can show the world how our Chapters exemplify fellowship!

Once your Spirit Week activities are planned, fill out this super quick Countdown to 100! Registration Form by January 30th. Note: we have not included a box for Thursday’s event. At the conclusion of Spirit Week, make sure your Chapter fills out the Countdown to 100! Completion Form by February 15, 2016 to be eligible for special Centennial recognition at the 2016 Phi Sigma Pi National Convention.

If you have any further questions regarding the Centennial celebration, please feel free to leave a comment below, email centennial@phisigmapi.org or call 717-299-4710.



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