5 Leadership in Action Modules for Spirit Week

As part of our Countdown to 100 (found in the Centennial Planning Guide), every Chapter is encouraged to participate in Phi Sigma Pi Spirit Week from February 8th – 12th, 2016. Hopefully your Chapter has an idea of what they would like to plan for Monday. Now it’s time to plan your Leadership in Action Module for Tuesday, February 9th, 2016!


Leadership in Action is Phi Sigma Pi’s award winning certification program that provides our Members with skills that can be applied immediately to daily life. We love seeing photos on social media of Chapters participating in Leadership in Action Modules… imagine if every Chapter participated in one during the same day! That would be 6 Leadership in Action points for every Brother in Phi Sigma Pi! Yeah, we’re going crazy at the thought too!

Too many Local Modules to choose from and you can’t decide? We’ve narrowed it down for you and made a list of 5 LiA Modules that we would recommend your Chapter participate in during Spirit Week.

The Great Balancing Act – Finding Your Path

The Finding Your Path Module focuses on setting goals and priorities.

  • Determine your current state of life balance
  • Establish S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Set priorities to ensure the success of your goals

First-Time Officer (Manager)- Rally The Troops

The Rally The Troops Module focuses on motivating those around you.

  • Explore the types of motivation
  • Learn to praise others effectively
  • Discuss informal and formal rewards

The Team Foundation- Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

The Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Module focuses on effective team decision-making.

  • Employ three common decision-making patterns
  • Recognize symptoms of groupthink and implement strategies to avoid it
  • Practice reaching consensus

The Team Foundation- The Winning Combination

The Winning Combination Module focuses on understanding effective and ineffective teams.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a team
  • Identify the characteristics of effective and ineffective teams
  • Explore informal teams
  • Discuss team norms

Conflict Management- Say What?

The Say What? Module focuses on active listening skills.

  • Learn to listen effectively
  • Discover obstacles to listening
  • Practice the steps of active listening
  • Assess your listening skills

Once you’ve made your decision and you have a Certified Local Facilitator to facilitate, request the Module and make sure that all participating Members are enrolled. To allow enough time for Facilitators to prepare and make room reservations, please allow at least one week’s notice when requesting modules. Local modules are approximately 30-45 minutes long and it is recommended to leave 60 minutes total for questions. If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ page or contact our Director of Leadership Advancement.

Don’t forget to take pictures during the event! We recommend you take a selfie with your completed Module packet and use the hashtags #pspleadership and #psp100. You can also say a tidbit of what you learned to encourage other Chapters to request the same Module!



Once your Spirit Week activities are planned, make sure someone from your Chapter fills out this super quick Countdown to 100! Registration Form by January 30th. Note: we have not included a box  for Thursday’s event. At the conclusion of Spirit Week, your Chapter will be asked to fill out the Countdown to 100! Completion Form.

If you have any further questions regarding the Centennial celebration, please feel free to leave a comment below, email centennial@phisigmapi.org or call 717-299-4710.



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