5 Reasons to Wear Your Badge

Phi Sigma Pi Spirit Week is February 8th – 12th, 2016 and we hope your Chapter already has some great events planned to celebrate our 100 including a Scholarship Activity for Wednesday. Your planning committees can take a break on Thursday because Thursday, February 11th is Wear Your Phi Sigma Pi Pin Day.


Why wear your pin/badge? Why is it important and what does it mean? We asked our Chapter Consultants why they wear their pin!

“Wearing your badge shows pride for our Brotherhood, our values and the Tripod and reminds us all of our fraternal commitment to uphold these values and better our lives and the lives of those around us. Wearing my badge reminds me of all the most special moments of my time as an undergraduate Brother. We wore them to all of our Ceremonies and major events. It represents our fraternal bond and visually connects that bond in the room.” – Christiana Berardi (Chapter Consultant, Gamma Psi ’13)

“Our badge is a tangible symbol of the ideals Phi sigma Pi Members, Collegiate and Alumni, strive to uphold. Wearing the badge proudly signifies a higher purpose and set of guiding values Phi Sigma Pi cultivates: Scholarship, Leadership and Fellowship.” – Robbie Cusella (Chapter Consultant, Zeta Iota ’14)

“I wear my Phi Sigma Pi pin because it’s a symbol that outwardly unifies me with all members of our Fraternity, past and present. I love having the opportunity to explain what my pin means when people ask and tell them about the amazing opportunities and development Membership in Phi Sigma Pi has given me. When I wear my pin I know that I am showing others that I am proud to be part of something so special and much bigger than me.” – Jenna Guy (Chapter Consultant, Eta Alpha ’15)

“My badge is important to me for many different reasons, but above all, I love wearing it because it’s a physical reminder of the journey that Phi Sigma Pi has taken me on over the past few years. It’s a symbol of all the unforgettable experiences, opportunities and lifelong friends that Phi Sigma Pi has provided me with!” – Casey Ganz (Chapter Consultant, Alpha Epsilon ’15)

We will all be united as we wear our pins on Thursday, February 11th. Mark it on your calendars and set a reminder on your phone! And don’t forget to snap a selfie of you wearing your pin, post it on social media and tell us what it means to you!

Misplaced your membership pin or looking to upgrade? Herff Jones has several Phi Sigma Pi jewelry pieces that you can purchase including the Membership Pin, Centennial Badge and Pearl Membership Pin.

Membership PinCentennial Badge
Pearl Membership Pin

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