How to Save Up for National Convention


Centennial Convention in Kansas, MO is only about six months away and it’s going to be a big one that you do NOT want to miss. Registration is now open and if you haven’t already registered, we know what you may be thinking… “I’m not sure if I can afford this.” We’re here to tell you that you can and you will! This is how to save up for National Convention (or anything you really want!)

How to Save Up for National Convention

Determine how much money you will need. Start the registration process to see the different options and their prices. Keep in mind, that the more people you room with in the hotel, the lower your cost will be (ex. a quad costs less than a single). Then decide what extras you will want to add on such as merchandise. Think of all of the other expenses you would incur… gas money, food, emergency money, etc. Put it all in a excel document and figure out your grand total. Don’t let it scare you… it’s more achievable than you think!

Proclaim it. It’s more likely that you’ll complete a goal if others know about it. So proclaim it to the whole world on social media that you’re saving up for National Convention! This way if someone sees you about to make a bad purchasing decision, they’ll have your back and you’ll hold yourself more accountable.

Ditch the Starbucks and Chipotle. Eating out is easy and specialty coffee is addictive, however, it adds up quickly. Buy some coffee and food to prepare at home. It’s much cheaper and a great way to save money. Along those lines, see where else in your life you can cut out extra expenses. Maybe it’s that monthly streaming service you never use or that magazine subscription you never read.

Earn it. You can’t go wrong with picking up a part time job or looking for odd jobs. Ask Alumni or your professors if they need any help around the house. Shoveling snow, painting walls, pet sitting and babysitting are all great services you could provide in exchange for registration money. Make sure to tell them what you’re saving up for!

Budget. Set up a spreadsheet of your monthly (or weekly) income and expenses. Budget so much for food, so much for entertainment, and so much to set aside for convention. Use the amount you determined you would need to figure out how much you’ll have to save each week/month.

Ask your school. Some universities and colleges set aside funds to send their students on valuable trips. Use this National Convention Ask Letter to ask your administration to fund your registration. Be sure to personalize it!

Create a pact. Get with other Members (either from your Chapter or others) and create a pact to save up enough money for registration. Keep each other accountable and check in on each other each week to ensure that everyone is making progress.Centennial Convention Save the Date1

Once you’re ready, go ahead and register! Confused about the registration process and the different choices? We made an instructional video to make it easy and simple. See you in KC!


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