The Social Change Model of Leadership

Lunch & Learn WebinarLeadership in Action teamed up with our National Philanthropy, HOBY, to hold a Lunch & Learn Webinar about leadership. Members got the chance to discuss how to apply the The Social Change Model of Leadership and the 7 C’s of Leadership and the ultimate 8th C, Change. You can watch the video above or on the Phi Sigma Pi YouTube channel. Interested in holding a scholarship event about the topic? You can! We uploaded the PowerPoint Presentation with notes in the Resource Center.

More Lunch & Learn Webinars with HOBY
That’s right! This was just one webinar in a three part series with HOBY. Mark the next two on your calendar:

  • Wednesday, March 2nd at Noon (EST)- The Service Learning Model
  • Wednesday, April 6th at Noon (EST)- How The Social Change Model of Leadership and The Service Learning Model are used together

Attending the Lunch & Learn Webinar gets you 8 points each!

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