Chapter Consultant Casey’s Top 5 Moments…So Far

We asked your Chapter Consultants to give us their Top 5 Moments on the road so far. Who’s next? That would be Casey Ganz, Alpha Epsilon Chapter ’15.

Casey’s Top 5

1. Attending the 2015 National Convention in Washington D.C.– I got to meet delegates and co-delegates from my 35 Chapters, spend time with my fellow Chapter Consultants and team members and sight-see in our Nation’s Capital!(1) Casey Top 5

2. Teaching Delta Alpha to write “Happy Notes”– One of my favorite fellowship activities is writing each Member’s name on its own sheet of paper and then passing these sheets around to each member of the Chapter so they can write down their favorite thing about (or favorite memory with) each Member. I was so happy to I had the chance to share this activity with the Delta Alpha Chapter during our onsite visit in October, and even happier to see how much they enjoyed it!

(2) Casey Top 5

3. Hanging out with Delta Eta Chapter & their Initiates– During my last onsite visit of the semester at Delta Eta Chapter at Illinois State, I had the opportunity throughout my visit to hang out on campus with Members of the Delta Eta Chapter and their Initiates during one of their interview weeks. It was such a great & casual way to get to know Delta Eta Chapter’s Brothers & Initiates. Thanks for a great time, Delta Eta Chapter!
4. Traveling to parts of the country I wouldn’t have seen otherwise– I love traveling and seeing new places! This fall I was lucky enough to travel to Delta Mu Chapter in Maine, Gamma Alpha Chapter in Indiana, Kappa Chapter in Western Pennsylvania, Delta Alpha Chapter in upstate New York, Alpha Chi Chapter in North Carolina and the Delta Eta Chapter, Epsilon Zeta Chapter and Zeta Omicron in Illinois. As a born-and-bred eastern Pennsylvanian, one of my favorite travel experiences was learning more about “southern life” at Alpha Chi Chapter in Greensboro, NC. (Thanks for the grits and Cook Out, Alpha Chi Chapter!) I’m looking forward to visiting several of our California Chapters in February- it’ll be my first time on the West Coast!
5. Returning to my home Chapter of Alpha Epsilon to attend an Induction Ceremony as an Alumni, Chapter Consultant and grand-big to two new grand-littles!(5) Casey Top 5
Stay tuned to see what the other Consultant’s Top 5 Moments were so far and apply to be a Consultant to experience your own top 5 moments.

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