Chapter Consultant Jenna’s Top 5 Moments…So Far

We asked your Chapter Consultants to give us their Top 5 Moments on the road so far. We’ve reached our last (but certainly not least) Consultant: Jenna Guy, Eta Alpha Chapter ’15.

Jenna’s Top 5

1. Experiencing my first National Convention– It was awesome to meet tons of Members and experience the excitement of Convention!FullSizeRender

2. I got to start off my year getting excited for the Centennial by visiting Alpha Chapter!  It was awesome to see in person where Phi Sigma Pi was first born and incredibly powerful to visit the graves of the Founders.  It was a great way to feel connected to our Fraternity’s past as I got excited to celebrate one hundred years of Phi Sigma Pi!FullSizeRender (1)

3. Realizing I’m no longer afraid of flying.  When I started my year as a Consultant, I experienced terrible flight-anxiety.  I knew flying was going to be a large part of how I traveled to different Chapters, so I was up for the challenge.  It was an amazing moment when I was comfortable enough that I fell asleep on the Tarmac for the first time, showing how this position has challenged me and made me grow in ways I never expected!

IMG_19294. Experiencing important Events with Chapters–  I was able to attend some great events throughout the Semester with different Chapters! I was able to go to Recruitment Events with Alpha and Epsilon Iota Chapters, Initiation Events with Beta Kappa and Gamma Beta Chapters, as well as Chapter Meetings with Beta Zeta, Zeta Xi, Epsilon Xi and Epsilon Chi Chapters. It was very cool to experience the sometimes subtle ways that Chapters are different while getting to know Brothers from all over!
5. Seeing awesome parts of the country– From my first time in the Nation’s Capitol, to being able to squeeze in some time at the beach before my visit with Zeta Xi Chapter, my travels for Phi Sigma Pi have taken me to some awesome places and allowed me to talk to meet some wonderful people!
That concludes our Consultant’s Top 5 Moments posts for this year.  Apply to be a Consultant to experience your own top 5 moments. The deadline is March 4, 2016.

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