5 Tips for Event Planning

Chapters participating in the final game at Alpha Beta Volleyball (Photo Credit: Omari Daniels)

Chapters participating in the final game at Alpha Beta Volleyball (Photo Credit: Omari Daniels)

The Spring term is well underway for all Chapters. Now that recruitment is finishing up and pinning ceremonies are taking place, we can now look towards planning other events to continue the fun! This is the time where Chapters will start planning formals, banquets, ICR events/Chapter HOPS, and socials that require several months of planning to be successful. Now is the ideal time to begin planning to ensure these fun and safe events are successful.

Here are 5 tips to consider:

  1. Create a timeline/checklist. Start from the end and work your way to the beginning of planning the event.  It helps to start from the end because you know what you want your end result to be. Make sure to include deadlines and who each task is assigned to so that all Members involved in planning have some accountability.
  2. Determine a budget. Once the concept of the event is clear, it is vital to determine what funds are available for the event.  If the event is going to cost more than the funds readily available, the Chapter may need to rethink the event and find ways to make the event more affordable or work with the Treasurer/Fundraising Committee to come up with the funds to coordinate the event as originally planned.
  3. Find the location.  Determine space needs. Once facility options have been found, contact them to find out about their availability, approval process, policies/requirements to use the facilities, and any fees/associated costs.
  4. Establish itinerary/agenda. This will help to ensure that every activity of the event is taken into account and attendees can plan their schedules accordingly. Having a schedule puts in place a structure for the event to run more efficiently.
  5. Fill out the Event Planning Form. Form will be sent to the National Office where pertinent details will be reviewed to make sure proper risk management procedures are in place and to ensure a fun and safe event for attendees. This form is a great tool for Chapters to use for all types of events, but particularly the following:
    • Events co-sponsored with other organizations
    • Athletic events
    • Events involving animals (ie: Rent-A-Puppy)
    • Events at which alcohol will be present
    • Events requiring contracts and/or a certificate of insurance

And finally, be sure that your event is in accordance with the National Risk Management Policy (NRMP). If you find that Brothers are not familiar with the NRMP, it would be a great opportunity to plan a fun risk management event where Brothers will learn and understand the policy to then plan events that will be fun and safe for all attendees.

Happy planning!

Leadership in ActionEliminate procrastination and get your planning completed early by hosting the  following Leadership in Action Modules from the juggling multiple priorities category:

  1. That Was Due When?
  2. I Can Do That Later and
  3. Cut The Clutter

We also have one that focuses on starting with a strong foundation: The Team Foundation- The Winning Combination. Request these Modules.



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