Centennial Founders Day with HOBY

HOBY and PSP Logos

Vicki Ferrence Ray, HOBY’s Sr. Director of National Programs joined us at Phi Sigma Pi’s Centennial Celebration on February 14, 2016 at Millersville University in Millersville, PA. She was there to speak about our new Philanthropic Partnership with HOBY. We wanted to share her full remarks with all of those that couldn’t be there with us.

VickiI was asked this week by one of HOBY’s State Affiliates to tweet at them using the hashtag #iloveHOBY in honor of Valentine’s Day. And I do love HOBY, as I have been involved with the organization every year since 1989 as either a student participant in a HOBY program, a volunteer or a staff member. What was difficult for me was to fit all of those years of leadership and service into one 140 character tweet. After a few minutes I tweeted, “#iloveHOBY because @HOBY makes me a better person.”

Last year when Patrick Herron, Vice President of Philanthropy Development, contacted me about Phi Sigma Pi’s initiative to name a new National Philanthropy I realized quickly that our two organizations are in the same business — that of working to make better people and a better world through leadership and service — Phi Sigma Pi primarily at the college level and HOBY primarily at the high school level.

As I continued to learn more about Phi Sigma Pi, I was amazing by how aligned our organizations are – in terms of mission, history, organizational structure, goals, and people. Phi Sigma Pi’s tripod of Scholarship, Leadership and Fellowship fits so well with HOBY’s tag line of “empowering young people to excel as leaders.” And the similarities between our organizations continue to strike me.

I am honored to be here today as Phi Sigma Pi celebrates its Centennial, as it is both a reflection on the past and a window to the future. And HOBY is thrilled to have been selected as your National Philanthropy as you embark on your next century. However, we like to think of this relationship we are forming between our two organizations as a partnership where both organizations will benefit for the long term.

  •  You would like volunteer opportunities and we always need volunteers.
  •  You would like to expand your reach, and we are happy to send our college-aged HOBY Alumni your way to embark on their next stage of leadership development.
  •  You would like to give your financial support to a worthy organization and we are happy to channel those resources to sponsor high school students to attend HOBY programs and expand our reach to the next generation of leaders.
  •  You would like to be involved with our success and we want to be involved with yours, so that both our organizations can grow and thrive.

This spring HOBY will be at each of your Regional Conferences as we continue the educational process for both organizations to learn about each other and forge relationships to work together. We also want to invite Phi Sigma Pi to participate in our National Training Institute this August.

I invite you to learn more about HOBY —  explore our website and YouTube channel, download our app and don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you have a talent, skill or time to offer – we can probably use it. We also invite your younger friends and relatives to participate in HOBY programs, and for your current members to consider our international travel and service experiences.

Thank you to for allowing me to speak to you today. I love HOBY, and I really love HOBY and Phi Sigma Pi together. Happy 100th!

Thank you to Vicki for joining us! We look forward to a long and productive partnership with HOBY. You can join Vicki at our Leadership in Action Lunch & Learn, tomorrow, March 2, 2016 at 12:00pm EST. RSVP now!

You’ll be seeing a lot of HOBY in 2016. Not only will a HOBY representative be at every Regional Conference to talk to you about our partnership, but they’ll also be our Centennial Convention in Kansas City, MO July 27-31, 2016. Find out more about HOBY at hoby.org and more about how you and your Chapter can get involved at phisigmapi.org/service.



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