2016 National Convention Highlight: Roundtables

We are exactly 140 days away from Phi Sigma Pi’s 2016 National Convention (Centennial Convention)! As we continue to highlight different aspects of this once in a lifetime event, we absolutely can’t forget Roundtables.

2016 National Convention Highlight-

If you’ve never been to National Convention or a Regional Conference, you may only know Roundtables as a series of monthly live webinars where a panel made up of National Council Members, National Staff, Alumni and Collegiates talk about a specific topic and answer your questions. At National Convention, it is a whole different experience!

The beauty of National Convention is that you get to discuss and converse with Members from all different parts of the country and walks of life right there in person. Your panel of experts is in the room with you and engaging with you in real time as you ask questions, seek advice and inspire other Chapters with your successes. Best part? It’s included with your registration! You’ll go home to your Chapter bursting with new ideas, inspiration, plans and perspectives.

Roundtables have been such a hit at past Conventions that we are offering TWO sessions this year! Roundtables will take place on Friday, July 29th at 7:30pm and 8:30pm . They are each an hour long and you can choose to participate in just one or both (or neither, but what’s the fun in that?). Be sure to add them to your itinerary when you register!


Pro Tip: Bring a pen/paper or a tablet for taking notes and writing down ideas!


Fundraising Roundtable. Join us on Tuesday, March 15th at 8:30pm EST as our expert panelists, including Vice President of Finance Sarah Cantwell (Beta Sigma Chapter ’03), talk all about fundraising and answer your fundraising questions!


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