Quick Tips to Banquet Planning

Quick Tips to Banquet Planning

It’s about that time, Chapters are starting to plan end of the term/year banquets. Here are some quick tips that might cut the costs.

  1. Work with other Chapters and split the costs. If you have other Phi Sigma Pi Chapters nearby, why not plan your banquets together? Pick a location nearby (or halfway).
  2. Book early to save money. The earlier you book a place the more money you will save. Planning early will also give you an opportunity to invite Alumni (far enough in advance that they can save the date)!
  3. Buffet is usually cheaper than a sit down dinner… and just as tasty too! Yes, sit down dinners are nice but at the end of the day you won’t look back and remember if you were served or not!
  4. Be creative and make your own decorations and party favors. There has to be someone in your Chapter that is addicted to Pinterest and the DIY thing, ask them to help you make decorations. Better yet, make it a fellowship or scholarship event!
  5. Borrow AV equipment from your school’s information tech office. Planning on showing a slideshow but you don’t want to buy all of the equipment? That’s fine! Most institutions have their own AV equipment that you can sign out and borrow for the night/weekend.
  6. Hey, Mr. DJ. If your school has a radio station DJ or if you know a student DJ, try asking them to spin the beats for you. It would cost a lot less than hiring a professional.

Leadership in ActionWhen you are planning events like a banquet you will need to meet strict deadlines. Learn time management and ways to eliminate procrastination with the Leadership in Action Modules Juggling Multiple Priorities- I Can Do That Later and Juggling Multiple Priorities- That Was Due When? Request a Module today.



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