National Stress Awareness Month: How to Keep your Brothers Stress-Free

Whether it is caused by school, work, relationships, money, extracurricular activities or anything else we experience from day to day, stress seems unavoidable in our lives. If we don’t take care of ourselves, stress can cause a variety of health issues including anxiety and depression. To tackle this universal issue, April has been deemed National Stress Awareness Month. In the spirit of Brotherhood, we’ve compiled 10 ways that your Chapter can take care of each other and stay stress-free this month and every month.

Re-evaluate Your Chapter’s Schedule. When does your Chapter meet? Is this the best time for the majority of Members? It’s tempting to hold late-night meetings, but remember that sleep is important for a healthy body and mind!

Epsilon Psi rock climbing

Active events that get your body moving are great for relieving stress. The Epsilon Psi Chapter at Grand Valley State University went rock climbing!

Stress Relieving Events. They say that laughter is the best medicine. Plan events that are fun, stress-free and allow Members to get creative.

Leadership in Action Modules. Leadership in Action offers two Managing Stress Modules: Analyzing your Stressors and Rising Above Stress. Other good Modules for stress-relief would be The Team Foundation- Team Conflict, Juggling Multiple Priorities- That Was Due When? and The Great Balancing Act- Wasting Time. Request the Modules.

Delegate. Check in with your Executive Board and Committee Chairs. How are they doing with managing their responsibilities? Could they use a Co-Chair or delegate some tasks to another Brother?

Know Your Resources. If a Brother is really struggling with stress, it’s important to know what resources are available on campus so you can guide them in the right direction. The Counseling Center is a great resource!

The Simple Things. Small acts go a long way. Simple notes of encouragement and reminders to stop and breathe can make a world of difference. Every Brother should know that they belong to a family that is ready to lift them up and give them strength.

Stay Positive. There will be times when your Chapter will face adversity and challenges. Remind yourself and each other to stay positive in those moments.

Epsilon Mu Workout

The Epsilon Mu Chapter at the University of Texas at San Antonio holds a bi-weekly workout to keep Brothers healthy, happy and stress-free.

Serve Others. Sometimes it’s nice to take the focus off of our own challenges and focus on solving someone else’s. Volunteering and service events are great for this!

Get Healthy. Eating the right foods and exercising can do wonders for relieving stress. Go out or cook group meals that are healthy and participate in group workouts or yoga sessions!

Bring Awareness. Host a scholarship event on stress, give out stress balls or create some other way to bring awareness to your Chapter and entire campus of National Stress Awareness Month.

What will your Chapter do to celebrate National Stress Awareness Month? Request a Module? Hold a scholarship event? Spread awareness on campus? Start planning (but don’t stress over it)!


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