2016 National Convention Highlight: Grand Chapter

We are now 126 days away from Phi Sigma Pi’s 2016 National Convention! It is our mission to highlight all of the amazing experiences you will have at Centennial Convention (there are so many!) and up next is Grand Chapter.

National Convention Highlight: Grand Chapter

Article V, Section 1 of the National Constitution:
“All final legislative powers of Phi Sigma Pi shall be vested in the Grand Chapter. The Grand Chapter shall be supreme in all matters pertaining to the Grand Chapter’s affairs while in session and when not in session, carried out through the National Council and shall have the sole right to oversee and govern all Chapters of Phi Sigma Pi”

Grand Chapter is an important part of National Convention. It’s when National Council gets down to business and makes important decisions that continue to strengthen our Fraternity. Each Collegiate Chapter is required to send one Delegate to Grand Chapter and may also send an Alternate. Note: If you are your Chapter’s Delegate or Alternate, you must choose either the “Full Plus Registration” (add Tuesday night hotel stay) or “Full Registration” (arrive Wednesday) options when registering for Convention.

Part of Grand Chapter business is discussing and voting upon the submissions of amendments to be made to the National Constitution. Your Chapters will be sent these submissions to discuss amongst yourselves and decide the stance that your Delegate will take.

Also, this year is an election year! We will be introducing the 2016-2018 National Council nominees and voting at Grand Chapter. If you would like to submit your nomination for a National Council position, we encourage you to do so here. Nominations close on Tuesday, March 29th (that’s only a few days away- what are you waiting for?!).

The opening of Grand Chapter will be 1:00pm on Wednesday, July 27th. and will continue through Friday (don’t worry, you get to eat and sleep in between). Even if you are not your Chapter’s Delegate or Alternate, you are welcome to come and observe… maybe you’ll become a Parliamentary Procedure Pro!


Pro Tip: Struggling to find the funds to send your Chapter’s Delegate and/or Alternate to National Convention? Sometimes school administrators will fund your registration! Use this letter and talk to your Faculty Advisor if you need assistance figuring out who to send it to. It can’t hurt to ask!

Leadership in ActionGet ready for Grand Chapter by watching this Leadership in Action video about Parli Pro. Enroll in Leadership in Action at phisigmapi.org/liasignup.



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  1. […] What better way to start Centennial Convention than with a run with your fellow Brothers! On Wednesday, July 27th, at 8:30am we’ll head out from out front of the Marriott Hotel on a 3.1 mile run (the distance of a 5K). Jonah will be leading the run as he’s led a running group at National Convention for several years and all are welcome whether you’re an experienced runner or you plan on walking. It will be a great way to get the blood flowing before LiA Facilitator Training and Grand Chapter! […]

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