HOBY Alumni Spotlight #3

HOBY and PSP Logos
Phi Sigma Pi has a lot in common with HOBY, including Members! We want you to hear straight from them about why our organizations are so important to their lives.

Meet Ryan Stuart (Theta Chapter ’17). We asked him a few questions about his experience with both organizations and why he’s excited for the partnership.

Ryan StuartIn what HOBY programs have you participated?
I attended the Sophomore Seminar in Harrisburg in 2006 and was an Associate Facilitator as a junior in 2007.

Describe your HOBY experience: 
Growing up, I always felt like the one who didn’t fit in and was always picked on. Which was odd because I was class president and involved in student government. HOBY allowed me to meet others like me. Others who were often misunderstood, others who were ambitious, others who wanted to make a difference or a change.
How do you think HOBY and Phi Sigma Pi are alike? Why are you excited for HOBY to by Phi Sigma Pi’s new National Philanthropy?
HOBY is really a lot like a high school edition of Phi Sigma Pi in so many ways. Honestly, I believe that things happen not just by coincidence. I went to Juniata College after graduating high school but unfortunately I had to drop out. About three years ago, I started school again at Mansfield. The Brothers of Theta Chapter allowed me to join despite my schedule and gave me the honor of being a Member. Once again, I found a group of people that were similar to me. Some who didn’t fit in. Some who had ambitions. Some who wanted to make changes. Honestly, I never really put it into perspective though, the similarities between HOBY and PSP, until the 2015 National Convention. Two different groups seeking out those who want to better themselves and to be more for themselves. The trust, love and bonds of people who come together for a common interest. I cried during the announcement. It makes me so happy to see my Brothers take part in something that can be a life changing experience for so many adolescents seeking the right direction.
What is one thing about HOBY our Members should know?
From East to West, HOBY’s leaders are the best. And that I love Central PA HOBY of course.

Are you a HOBY Alum and Phi Sigma Pi Member? Let us know at socialmedia@phisigmapi.org

Leadership in ActionLearn more about HOBY and new leadership skills by attending the next Leadership in Action Lunch & Learn Webinar with HOBY. It’s taking place Wednesday, April 6th at Noon EST. RSVP here. You can watch part one and part two of the series.


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