Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2016: Alumni Advisor/LiA Facilitator Spotlight

In honor of National Volunteer week, we’re celebrating the service of Alumni Members who are making an impact on the Brotherhood. Each day, an Alumni Member will share details about their current involvement with the Fraternity and shed light on how to stay involved after graduation.

To kick off National Volunteer Week, Nick Christy (Epsilon Alpha Chapter ’11, Former Chapter Consultant and Member Services Coordinator), shares his involvement with the Epsilon Alpha Chapter at Kutztown University, as well as serving as a Leadership in Action Facilitator.

Nick Christy

Nick Cristy, Epsilon Alpha Chapter ’11

How has facilitating and participating in the Leadership in Action program helped you personally and professionally?
I started my Leadership in Action journey during the 2010 National Convention. From that point forward I have learned so many valuable skills through all of the Modules that I’ve attended and facilitated that I have applied to my personal and professional life. I also was able to develop my own confidence and public speaking abilities while facilitating which was a huge help for me.

What is the most rewarding part of working with the Epsilon Alpha Chapter as an Alumni?
Epsilon Alpha has such a passionate group of Members who genuinely what to see the Chapter and everyone individually succeed. I am amazed at how much they have grown, both in size and the development of the Chapter. The most rewarding thing is to be able to advise a group that continually wants to raise the bar and is never satisfied with the status quo. Their passion inspires me to be a better Brother and a better member of the campus community.

Tips on staying involved with Phi Sigma Pi after graduation?
There are so many great opportunities to stay involved after you graduate. First, get involved with a local Alumni organization or, if there are none in your area, start one by reaching out to the National Office. Second, stay involved with your local Chapter in an advisory role. Attend meetings and events but allow them to make decisions on their own while still being there to provide insight and advice from past experience. Third, apply to be part of National Staff or run for National Council. Believe me, this opportunity will give you a whole new perspective of how great our Fraternity truly is.


Members of the Epsilon Alpha Chapter during a Halloween trip to Boston/Salem, MA.

What is your favorite Phi Sigma Pi memory?
As an undergrad a group of Brothers and I traveled up to Boston/Salem for Halloween. It was a long trip and it allowed us to bond while enjoying a completely new experience. We ended up going to Salem for Halloween night and it was absolutely crazy, but a memory that I will share forever with those that were on the trip.

Why do you love Phi Sigma Pi?
Phi Sigma Pi has given me some of the greatest friendships of my life. Even today, five years after graduating, I am still in contact with Members from Epsilon Alpha and others from around the country. They make my world a better place, have gotten me through some of my toughest times and I would be truly lost without them.


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