Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2016: Foundation Board Director Spotlight

In honor of National Volunteer week, we’re celebrating the service of Alumni Members who are making an impact on the Brotherhood. Each day, an Alumni Member will share details about their current involvement with the Fraternity and shed light on how to stay involved after graduation.

Josh Marder (Alpha Rho Chapter ‘97, Former National President and Council Member), shares his involvement serving as a Director for the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation Board.


Josh Marder – Alpha Rho Chapter ‘97

What is the most rewarding part of the working with the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation?
I have nearly a single minded focus with the Foundation. My intent is to support our undergraduate Brothers and the programs that they as Phi Sigma Pi Brothers and Chapters choose. So the reward is knowing I’m helping the next Brother have as great an experience as my wife, Britt Marder, and I did.

Tips on staying involved with Phi Sigma Pi after graduation?
Mostly, I would suggest not thinking of involvement as all-or-nothing. Relax that pressure. As newly minted Alumni, we were able to attend nearly every event. Over time our involvement became a mix of financial and advisement support with the rare (but always wonderful) ability to attend in person. It’s all good. Just keep touching the organization and the Brothers you love however you can.

 The Alpha Rho Chapter Alumni Banquet where Ted Daniels first sang Brother and Gigi Lieberman read a Brotherhood poem.

The Alpha Rho Chapter Alumni Banquet where Ted Daniels first sang Brother and Gigi Lieberman read a Brotherhood poem.

What is  your favorite Phi Sigma Pi memory?
There are many. Definitely the Alpha Rho Chapter Alumni Banquet where Ted Daniels first sang “Brother.” My dear thanks to Brian Doss for inventing that event, which just had its 20th anniversary. But interestingly, my and Britt’s wedding was almost a Phi Sigma Pi event. Brothers became our closest friends and our family for years, and even now. Really, it is the memories of most of my adult life — and a great one it has been already, with more fun ahead.

Why do you love Phi Sigma Pi?
Until Phi Sigma Pi, it seemed like the world put a stigma on trying too hard, being a smarty pants, or believing in things too much. It wasn’t cool to care, to ask questions, to jump in with both feet. Fortunately Phi Sigma Pi blew all of that up for me. We were geek-chic before it was a thing. I’ve never seen the world that way again or listened for a moment to those who do. Fully passionate is the only way to be. And that’s how Phi Sigma Pi Brothers are. If caring about the world means we’re not playing it cool enough, that’s awesome. We just jump in, and we do it together.

Thank you to our 2016 Phi Sigma Pi Foundation Board of Directors and Members. We greatly appreciate your continued commitment and support for the Fraternity and it’s programs. To learn more about The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation, provide support or to become a Member please visit the Foundation website or email pspfoundation@phisigmapi.org


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