How to Rock Due Dates


Imagine life without due dates…. chaos! Our Fraternity, let alone our society, just would not be able to function properly without a little structure. So whether it’s for your college essay, student loan payments or sending in your semester/quarter dues, due dates will always be present in life. Now is a great time to start creating good habits and learning how to rock those due dates. Here are a few tips.

How to ROCK Due Dates

  1. Know your deadlines. Obviously you need to know when things are due to get them in on time. You can find out what is due when for Phi Sigma Pi at any given moment by going to the Resource Center.
  2. Mark it down. Use your planner, phone calendar or google calendar to mark down due dates. Go a step further and mark a few days, weeks or even months before as a reminder that a due date is approaching. If you don’t have a habit of checking your calendar, set an alarm/alert.
  3. Devise a plan. Waiting until the last minute to complete everything can be very stressful. Break it down into sections then set personal due dates for each section. Be specific in your planning… know who you need to contact, how you’re going to contact them, what format you need to submit, etc.
  4. Give a heads up. If your success in meeting a deadline relies on someone else meeting their deadline, give them enough heads up. Make sure your Members know if they need to hand something in or complete something well in advance and if you need your school to cut you a check, be sure to request it early enough!
  5. Make it fun. Everyone can fill out their own section of Form 110s, but why not have a Form 110 gathering? Get some snacks, put on some music and complete your forms together! If you need your Members to hand something in by a certain date, make it a friendly competition. See who can hand theirs in first or which family can get all of theirs in first.
  6. Ask for help… but don’t wait! If you are unsure about what exactly is due or how to submit a piece, ask! Reach out to your Chapter Consultant or our National Office. We are here to help you! However, don’t wait until the last minute. We always do the best we can to give you a quick answer, but it is always ideal if you can reach out to us sooner rather than later.

Visit for a list of due dates!


Leadership in Action

Request the Juggling Multiple Priorities – That Was Due When? Module to increase your ability to manage your time and deal with deadlines!



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