3 Ways to Make Induction Special

Gamma Mu Chapter

Gamma Mu Chapter at Central Michigan University Inducted the Alpha Mu Initiate Class

Pinning is over, your Initiate Class went through the Initiation process, you voted on the Initiates, held an Initiate mid-review and now your Initiates are ready for a lifetime of Brotherhood (Yes, it doesn’t stop once you graduate. You can join the NAA!). The only thing standing in their way from Active Member status is the Induction Ceremony.

It’s your job as Collegiate Members to make Induction special for your Initiates. This will be one of the proudest moments of their life. So how can your Chapter make Induction special?

3 Ways to Make Induction Special

3 Ways to Make Induction Special

  1. Dress– Several Chapters have enacted policies that all Members should dress in either black or white for the Induction Ceremony. When Chapters dress in white, it symbolizes the knowledge that they possess as Members. When Chapters dress in black, it shows unity and respect for our ceremonies.
  2. Location– Ask to reserve a nice room, auditorium or pavilion. Make sure that you are in a private area.
  3. Make an evening of it– Go out to dinner before or after Induction with your family. Get together with Alumni and introduce them to their grand-littles. Have an ice cream social after the ceremony with a cake to congratulate the new class.

Remember, all Phi Sigma Pi ceremonies are meant to be held with respect. Leave the horsing around at the door and take this time to reflect on why you joined, what the organization means to you and the new Members your Chapter is about to invite into your home.

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Leadership in ActionYour Initiates just became Members of Phi Sigma Pi. Help them with the transition by sharing this Leadership in Action video with them- Initiate To Member. Your new Members can enroll in Leadership in Action at phisigmapi.org/liasignup!


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