8 Parliamentary Procedure Quick Tips

Robert's Rules of OrderParliamentary Procedure is difficult for some. There’s so many different moving parts and names of things. The good thing is that the Phi Sigma Pi National Office has plenty of resources on parliamentary procedure. Here are a few:

Now for 8 Parliamentary Procedure Quick Tips to get you started.

8 Parliamentary Procedure Quick Tips

  1. The meeting shall be run according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised 11th ed.

    2014 National Convention Grand Chapter

    The Delegates of the Alpha Beta, Tau and Sigma Chapters vote ‘yea’ to you talking about these proposed National Constitution amendments with your Chapter!

  2. During debate, the maker of the motion may speak with the first pro, followed by alternating positions: con and pro, respectively.
  3. Only address the Chair when speaking. Inquiries to other Members must be directed through the Chair.
  4. Each Member may speak twice during debate on a motion in pro/con form.
  5. There will be at least two rounds of debate prior to calling for previous question.
  6. Debate should be primarily run through pros/cons and opinions may not be expressed in points of information.
  7. Refer to individuals with relevant titles: Member, Initiate, Potential New Member, etc.
  8. Members shall keep information relevant to the Characteristics of an Ideal Brother when considering the qualification of an individual.

Want to take a Master level course on Robert’s Rules? Then attend the 2016 National Convention, specifically Grand Chapter. You will walk away ready to participate or run any meeting.

Leadership in ActionGet more Parli Pro tips by watching this Leadership in Action video. Enroll in Leadership in Action at phisigmapi.org/liasignup.



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