#psptbt: 2016 Regional Conferences

This year Members from all across the country gathered together with other Chapters in their regions for the 2016 Regional Conferences. So for this month’s #throwbackthursday, we’re throwing it back to February and April when 21 Regional Conferences took place.

Highlights of Regional Conferences:

  • A HOBY representative spoke at each Regional Conference to teach our Members how they can get involved with our National Philanthropy as well as learn a little more of what they’re all about as an organization.
  • 283 Members took the Leadership in Action Facilitator Training and can now facilitate Modules for their Chapter.
  • 691 Members completed a Leadership in Action Module.
    • 340 Members completed Diversity Awareness- Fitting “You” Into “Team”
    • 113 Members completed Art of Successful Coaching- Giving Effective Reviews
    • 238 Members completed Strategic Planning- Reaching Your Goals Together
  • 7226 Leadership in Action points were earned across all Regional Conferences (That’s a lot!).
  • Members, like those from the Mid-South Regional Conference, served their campuses and communities through volunteer work.
  • Bonds were made, Fraternal songs were sung and a good time was had by all!

Check out this slideshow of photos from the Regional Conferences.
(Don’t see your Regional Conference, but have photos? Send them our way!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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