Skip the Fundraising Funk!

Skip the Fundraising Funk!

Is your Chapter in a fundraising funk? Can’t think of any new fundraising ideas that coincide well with the Fraternity’s mission? Take a look at some of the fundraisers fellow Chapters are hosting this Spring to get your creativity pumping as you look forward to planning your next term!

72391_1162155090462598_6183752336336838360_nEta Chapter at Indiana University of Pennsylvania participates in Autism Awareness week with a walk and collection of craft supplies for a camp that serves individuals with Autism. Proceeds will benefit Phi Sigma Pi’s Subrosa Fund. This year Brother Paige Neidrich shared some thoughts on Eta’s kickball tournament.

How did you come up with this creative idea?

“When my chapter was brainstorming ideas for an ICR event we tried to come up with activities that would provoke the most interest. We decided to focus on Phi Sigma Pi’s three main ideals: Scholarship, Leadership and Fellowship.”

Why is it important to fundraise and give back to PSP?

“Phi Sigma Pi has given each person involved something special, whether this be a community to belong to, connections in their career, or the friends and memories that will last a lifetime. We hope to donate to the National Subrosa Fund in order to make sure that others get these experiences.”

Beta Sigma 2

Michael Waligora of Beta Sigma Chapter at Michigan State University shared his Chapter’s Spring fundraiser with us. On April 9th, Beta Sigma combined two previous events to support the Help A Willing Kid Foundation in Lansing, Michigan! After facing University concerns, the Chapter got creative to come up with a solution. Combining the popular Chapter events, Broomball and Duck Derby, Members stepped on the ice to better their community!

How did you come up with this creative idea?

After several setbacks from the University and talking to our Eboard, due to time sensitivity we decided this was the best way to fit in this event this semester.

What is the hardest part about hosting a fundraiser?

The hardest part about hosting a fundraiser is getting people to show up to it and plan effectively so that it fits into people’s schedules easily. Increasing the use of surveys in the planning process would help greatly with this next year.

Other exciting Phi Sigma Pi Fundraisers:

Alpha Lambda Chapter held a pizza fundraiser at a local Pizzaria, the Zeta Iota Chapter sold Phi Sigma Pi tank tops, Beta Alpha Chapter partnered with Lyft and the Iota Chapter sold Yankee Candles.

For more fundraising tips and tricks view our March Fundraising Roundtable led by VP of Finance Sarah Cantwell. To contribute to one of Phi Sigma Pi’s funds this Centennial year visit our donation page.


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