2016 National Convention Highlight: 54th Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony

The countdown is now under 100! We are only 91 days away from Phi Sigma Pi’s 2016 National Convention (Centennial Convention)! There is so much to be excited for but today we are highlighting the 54th Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony.

2016 National Convention Highlight- Banquet

After a few days of Grand Chapter, Leadership in Action Modules, Roundtables and other Fraternity business, it is always nice to enjoy an evening recognizing the accomplishments of our Members. That is exactly what we do at the Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony and it’s a great way to close out National Convention.

The evening starts off with a nice dinner and continues with speeches from National Council and distinguised Members. Award winners, as well as scholarship winners, are announced as we congratulate them on their accomplishments. Members who have completed their Leadership in Action certification are also recognized during the Banquet. Overall, it is a special evening spent amongst Members recognizing the hard work, talent and dedication of those who make Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity everything that it is.


Pro Tip: This is a special affair! While we love seeing our Members rock their letters, let us show respect and gratitude towards each other and towards our award winners through the way we dress. We’re not talking prom, but business casual/business formal would be perfect. Start planning that fancy Banquet and After Hours outfit now! Need help with accessories? We think your Membership Pin is the perfect piece of jewelry for your dress or suit.


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