HOBY Alumni Spotlight #4

HOBY and PSP Logos

Phi Sigma Pi has a lot in common with HOBY, including Members! We want you to hear straight from them about why our organizations are so important to their lives.

Meet Angela McCall. She’s a Gamma Epsilon Chapter Alumna (University of Florida ’12) and a HOBY Director of Facilitators. We asked her a few questions about her experience with both organizations and why she’s excited for the partnership.

Angela McCallWhat HOBY programs have you participated in and when?
2006: 2006 HOBY South Florida Ambassador
2015: HOBY Volunteer Training Institute

Have you volunteered for HOBY, where and what positions?
I returned to HOBY South Florida in 2009 as a volunteer.  Since then, I have served as a Facilitator for 3 years, Team Alumni Coach for 2 years, Director of Programs for 1 year, and currently am in my first year as the Director of Facilitators.

Describe your HOBY experience. What have you learned, how have you grown, what did you take away from your HOBY participation and how have you used this in your life?
When I was an ambassador to the 2006 South Florida HOBY it was one of the first times I remember being in a room of such like-minded people.  It was exhilarating to work with others on various projects and hear from keynote speakers who are truly phenomenal.  A HOBY leadership seminar tagline is: “There is a world around us.” and I believe that this is what I learned during those 4 days, in particular how to think about diversity, globally.  I reconnected as a Volunteer once I was in college.  I spent 3 years as a group facilitator.  It was during that time that I began to see the impact of HOBY.  I watched ambassadors grow and flourish in their own ways.  It was also in that time that I developed a personal sense of self through the seminars.  Yet again I was surrounded by amazing people that shared these experiences, and welcomed me into their lives.

Angela HOBY

Angela and fellow Brother, Joel Lopez (GE’14), at the 2015 South Florida Seminar sharing a love for HOBY, service and Dance Marathon at UF.

How do you think HOBY and Phi Sigma Pi are alike?
Fellowship. It’s easy to write about all the tangible elements of each of these organizations. What’s not easy to explain is the feeling I have when I am with the closest friends I have made throughout the journey; all the late night planning sessions that turn into pure laughter, the smiles on the new ambassadors’ or Initiates’ faces as they become Alumni/Members, and above all the feeling of family.

Additionally, these two organizations (obviously) cross through their leadership education. But, it’s more than the skills seminar programs and LiA teach formally; I have learned the most from the incredible leaders around me.

Why are you excited for HOBY to be Phi Sigma Pi’s new National Philanthropy?
HOBY and Phi Sigma Pi represent two homes and families to me that now are one.

What is one thing about HOBY our Members should know?
We’re not the leaders of tomorrow, we’re the leaders of today.

Are you a HOBY Alum and Phi Sigma Pi Member? Let us know at socialmedia@phisigmapi.org

Leadership in ActionLearn more about HOBY by watching the Leadership in Action Lunch & Learn Webinars on the Phi Sigma Pi YouTube page.


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