6 Ways You and Your Chapter Can Support HOBY!

Excited about Phi Sigma Pi’s partnership with our new National Philanthropy, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership, but struggling to find ways that you individually or your Chapter can get involved? We’ve compiled a list of six practical ways that your Chapter can support HOBY!hobylogo

Note: before you or your Chapter plan any sort of service event for HOBY, please be sure to consult with your local HOBY representative.

Send a HOBY Hug. Are you a hugger? HOBY is! While you can’t physically hug HOBY, you can support their mission by donating $5 and they’ll pass on the love by sending a virtual HOBY hug to whoever you wish. A HOBY hug makes a great gift for your Big or Little and is a great way to show appreciation to your Chapter leaders while also benefiting our National Philanthropy.

Volunteer at a HOBY Event. There are HOBY events happening all across the country that could use helping hands! Find out what Leadership Seminars (Age 21+ can serve as a Facilitator and age 18-20 can serve on Junior Staff. Any age can serve on Recruitment, Operations, Program or Finance Planning Committees.) and HOBY CLeWs are happening near your Chapter or that you individually could volunteer at. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your local HOBY representative to see where you and your Chapter are most needed. Some of our National Staff volunteered at a HOBY CLeW… check it out! Your Chapter could also plan a day of service and invite HOBY volunteers/Alumni to participate.

Hugh O'Brian

Hugh O’Brian

Donate to the HOBY Legacy Fund. The Hugh O’Brian Legacy Fund is an endowment which creates opportunities for future generations of HOBY youth while honoring Hugh and all he’s done. It will give scholarships for youth who otherwise would not be able to attend HOBY programs. HOBY’s goal is to raise $1,000,000 for this purpose and they need your help! Plan a fundraiser with the proceeds going to the HOBY Legacy Fund to ensure that our youth have the opportunities to grow as future leaders.

Sponsor a Student. Want your proceeds to go directly back into your local community? Then sponsor a student at your High School Alma Mater or local High School! Ask your HOBY representative to look up what schools send students and what students need funding. You can also choose a specific student to sponsor if you know of someone who would benefit from the HOBY experience.

Fulfill HOBY’s Wishlist. As a non-profit organization, HOBY depends on charitable donations to support their leadership programs. Check out their wish list which includes good donations such as office furniture/supplies and food/snacks as well as talents such as graphic design skills for event programs and materials. Reach out to your local HOBY representative or the event leader for their specific HOBY shirtneeds and conduct a donation drive!

Shop HOBY. Now that Phi Sigma Pi and HOBY are partners, why not sport some HOBY fashion to show that you’re part of the family? When you shop HOBY gear, every purchase helps to support their programs.

Hopefully you now have some ideas to get involved with our National Philanthropy! Once you’ve held your HOBY service event (or if you already have), make sure to nominate it for the Josh and Britt Marder Excellence in National Philanthropy Award!

Leadership in ActionLearn more about HOBY by watching the Leadership in Action Lunch & Learn Webinars on the Phi Sigma Pi YouTube page.

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