You are LiA Certified!

Congratulations! Top

CertifiedThe 2015-2016 Phi Sigma Pi fiscal year has seen the most Certified Members in Leadership in Action history with a total of 30 Members (as of 5/6/16)! What a great accomplishment. Help me in congratulating each of the following Phi Sigma Pi Members:

  • Michael Diamond (Epsilon Chapter)
  • Janine Mohlhenrich (Gamma Pi Chapter)
  • Katie Sbrocco (Gamma Epsilon Chapter)
  • David Shubsda (Epsilon Upsilon Chapter)
  • Jonathan Swenson (Epsilon Kappa Chapter)
  • Lexie Breaux (Gamma Theta Chapter)
  • Mercedes Alberson (Delta Tau Chapter)
  • Ellie Crout (Τau Chapter)
  • Robert Cusella (Ζeta Iota Chapter)
  • Justin Wagoner (Gamma Mu Chapter)
  • Michele Chen (Gamma Pi Chapter)
  • Kelli Johnson (Αlpha Epsilon Chapter)
  • Gregory Ware (Gamma Theta Chapter)
  • Jackie Favero (Alpha Lambda Chapter)
  • Nicole Alabi (Epsilon Mu Chapter)
  • Sarah Smith (Epsilon Alpha Chapter)
  • Jessica Morrow (Epsilon Αlpha Chapter)
  • Christiana Berardi (Gamma Psi Chapter)
  • Ryan O’Leary (Gamma Theta Chapter)
  • Mallory Banton (Zeta Xi Chapter)
  • Elizabeth Yenser (Alpha Delta Chapter)
  • Kelsey Flynn (Delta Mu Chapter)
  • Marcus Hosteen (Delta Iota Chapter)
  • Erin Taylor (Epsilon Chi Chapter)
  • Matthew Peachey (Beta Psi Chapter)
  • Josh Moore (Epsilon Xi Chapter)
  • Alison Stokley (Delta Tau Chapter)
  • Dustin Adams (Gamma Beta Chapter)
  • Nicole Nightlinger (Epsilon Omicron Chapter)
  • Sarah Ragsdale (Alpha Chapter)

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