2016 National Convention Highlight: Elections and Amendments

We’re getting closer! Only 77 days until Phi Sigma Pi’s 2016 National Convention! We’re highlighting all of the great happenings that you will want to be sure to participate in this year and today we’re talking about some important business that will affect the future of our Fraternity.

2016 National Convention Highlight- NC and Amendments

Not only is this year’s Convention important because it’s the culmination of our 100 year celebration, but it is also a National Council Election year. At Grand Chapter we will be voting upon whom will serve on National Council from 2016-2018 and lead us into the next 100 years.

As a Member of our Fraternity, it is important that you get informed and involved in the election process! Read and review the 2016-2018 National Council Candidate Guide. This will provide you with important information such as who is running for what position, the candidates’ history and involvement in Phi Sigma Pi as well as their visions and goals if elected. Candidates will present at Grand Chapter and each Delegate will receive a vote for each position.

Another important part of Grand Chapter business is discussing and voting upon the proposed Amendments to the National Constitution. Information on these can be found here (password is the Fraternal word, lowercase). Chapter Delegates will have the opportunity to voice pros and cons of passing each Amendment and a vote will be taken.

How a Chapter chooses to review the information and vote is a local decision. There are several options, however, the more conventional way is for Chapters to review the proposed amendments collectively. The direction is shared with the Chapter Delegate. While attending Grand Chapter business, the Delegate will have an opportunity to engage in debate that may provide insight to the Delegate in making the final vote decision.

registerWatch this instructional video on registering.

Pro Tip: Remember that each Collegiate and Alumni Chapter must send one Delegate to Grand Chapter and may also send one Alternate. The Delegate and Alternate need to register for either a Full or Full Plus (includes the Tuesday night before) registration which covers Grand Chapter. Also, you do not have to be a Delegate or Alternate to attend Grand Chapter. All Members are welcome to attend and witness the Grand Chapter business.


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