2016 National Convention Highlight: LiA Facilitator Training

The countdown continues: 70 days until Phi Sigma Pi’s 2016 National Convention! As we present all of the awesome happenings going on this year, we definitely MUST highlight the great Leadership in Action opportunities our Members will have.

Facilitator Training
Leadership in Action has grown tremendously since the program was first launched at the 2010 National Convention in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It won the Professional Fraternity Association Award for Outstanding Professional Program in 2012 and continues to evolve offering more and more opportunities for professional and personal growth to our Members.

This year at National Convention you’ll have the opportunity to become a Facilitator with Leadership in Action Facilitator Training. In fact, you’ll have THREE opportunities…

  • Wednesday, July 27th from 11am-12pm
  • Friday, July 29th from 7:30pm- 8:30pm
  • Saturday, July 30th from 10am- 11am

What does it mean to become a LiA Facilitator? As a Facilitator you have the ability to facilitate Local Modules that you or another Member in your Chapter requests! Here’s why you should sign up for Facilitator Training and become a LiA Facilitator…

  • It’s only offered at Regional Conference and National Convention. Now is your chance. Take it!
  • Learn all things Leadership in Action! As a Facilitator, you will represent the program. Therefore you will learn all there is to know about LiA and have the opportunity to ask your burning questions.
  • All the LiA Points! Earn 6 LiA points for taking the training and 8 every time you facilitate a Module.
  • Bring LiA to your Chapter and Members. Your Chapter can only hold Modules if they have someone to facilitate them. Be that person! By bringing LiA Modules to your Chapter you’re strengthening your Chapter and giving your Members the opportunity to grow in their professional life.
  • Overcome your fear of public speaking! Don’t like public speaking? It’s okay, it takes practice. The training incorporates public speaking best practices and every time you facilitate a Module you’ll grow more and more in your public speaking skills (a must in life)!
  • Stay active as Alumni. Facilitating Modules for your Chapter is a great way to stay active in Phi Sigma Pi as an Alumnus and give back to your Chapter.

When you register for National Convention, be sure to add one of the Facilitator Trainings to your itinerary to become a Leadership in Action Facilitator.

registerDeadline to Register is June 30, 2016

Pro Tip: You do NOT have to be Certified in Leadership in Action in order to become a Facilitator. In fact, facilitating Modules will help you reach your Leadership in Action Certification faster!



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