HOBY Alumni Spotlight #5

HOBY and PSP Logos

Phi Sigma Pi has a lot in common with HOBY, including Members! We want you to hear straight from them about why our organizations are so important to their lives.

Meet David Rubin. He’s an Alpha Eta Chapter Alumnus (University of Delaware ’99) and a HOBY Volunteer. We asked him a few questions about his experience with both organizations and why he’s excited for the partnership.

David Rubin, Alpha Eta Chapter ’99 (University of Delaware)

What HOBY programs have you been a volunteer for and as what position?
I have been involved with the HOBY Texas Gulf Coast Chapter since 2011 and have served as a Facilitator for 3 years, Deputy Director of Programs for 2 years, Director of Programs for 1 year and member of the Seminar Planning Committee for 4 years.

Describe your HOBY experience. How did you get involved when you did?
My HOBY experience started in 2011 when I overheard a friend talk about her HOBY experience. In fact, I had heard her mention HOBY in the past but this was the first time I actually learned enough to understand what the organization did and I was, to say the least, intrigued. In fact, I was interested enough to volunteer for a short while at the HOBY Texas Gulf Coast Chapter seminar at Rice University that year and that’s all it took to get me hooked. I witnessed a room full of over 200 excited students engaged in what I can only describe as scholarship, fellowship and leadership. Sound familiar? I knew then that HOBY was as organization with which I needed to be involved.
How do you think HOBY and Phi Sigma Pi are alike?
HOBY and Phi Sigma Pi have share the same fundamental goal: to prepare students to be the leaders we need them to be. Of course, Phi Sigma Pi is a fully immersive experience over the span of many years while HOBY, for most participants, is a three day event. Amazingly, both generate a similar amount of fervor in their membership.
Dave at a HOBY event with other volunteers.

Dave at a HOBY event with other volunteers.

Phi Sigma Pi recruits its members based upon the discretion of its current brotherhood. HOBY “ambassadors” are selected by the schools from which them come. In both cases, Brothers and ambassadors are selected because they either exhibit desired leadership abilities or, even more importantly, someone has noticed their potential to do so. These wonderful organizations are effective not because they indoctrinate their membership with effective leadership training but because they provide a platform for their participants to express themselves in a welcoming environment. Within HOBY, I have seen hundreds of students over my tenure walk into a room of strangers on a Friday morning and walking out with lifelong friends on a Sunday afternoon. I’ve seen the light in their eyes shine bright when they realize that there are other students just like them and that, perhaps, they aren’t the oddball they thought they were. They leave the HOBY seminar inspired, invigorated and empowered and that’s how we judge the success of the HOBY weekend. This mirrors my Phi Sigma Pi experience perfectly and I’m sure the same is true for the rest of my PSP family.

Why are you excited for HOBY to be Phi Sigma Pi’s new National Philanthropy?
The pairing of these two organizations is an important step in fostering the next generation of leaders. HOBY can promise our high school students an amazing weekend of personal growth. PSP can promise college students a few years of incredible experiences. The partnership of these two organizations creates a pipeline to connect our respective student bodies. HOBY’s ambassadors will now gain a more concrete understanding that their HOBY experience is not the end of their personal journey because they’ll have organizations like PSP to help them continue their development. Phi Sigma Pi members are being offered the opportunity to contribute to the leadership development of their potential future brothers. HOBY and Phi Sigma Pi are both intent on the personal growth of students, albeit at different stages of their lives. HOBY has the honor of reaching out to them first and Phi Sigma Pi gets the pleasure of nurturing that growth and seeing these leaders grow stronger.
What is one thing about HOBY our Members should know?
If nothing else, PSP Brothers should recognize that our HOBY ambassadors are their future peers. I didn’t know HOBY existed when I was in high school but I know I would have been a stronger Brother if I had gone through the HOBY experience. By partnering with local HOBY organizations, each PSP Chapter is ensuring strong future classes of Brothers.

Leadership in ActionLearn more about HOBY by watching the Leadership in Action Lunch & Learn Webinars on the Phi Sigma Pi YouTube page.


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